--> Abstract: Evidence of the Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous Ellesmerian Deformation in the Russian Arctic, by O. K. Bogolepova, A. P. Gubanov, R. Scott, and S. Rippington; #90096 (2009)

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Evidence of the Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous Ellesmerian Deformation in the Russian Arctic

Olga K. Bogolepova, Alexander P. Gubanov, Robert Scott, and Stephen Rippington
CASP, Cambridge University, Canbridge, United Kingdom.

Devonian to Carboniferous time was marked by significant Caledonian, Ellesmerian and Uralian orogenic events that took place within the Arctic regions. However, our knowledge of the geodynamic cause, timing and extent of these events is still insufficient. How far north does the Caledonian Orogen continue? What caused the Ellesmerian deformation? What are their relationships with the later Uralian Orogeny through the Arctic around the northern margin of Baltica and Siberia? How important are they for hydrocarbon systems? In areas where Ellesmerian deformation is recorded, the rifting, differential subsidence and transgression that followed deformation was associated with deposition of earliest Carboniferous potential source rocks (e.g. the Emma Fjord Formation in the Sverdrup Basin, and possible age equivalents on the western Barents Shelf).

As the first step in this research, we aim to review available data on the Ellesmerian deformation, assessing its significance for hydrocarbon potential in the Russian Arctic. To get a more comprehensive picture, our study covers the territory from Kola to Chukotka Peninsula. Compilations of published data including sections, stratigraphy, lithofacies, depositional environment, tectonics, magmatism, hydrocarbon systems, regional and global events are presented as tectonostratigraphic event charts. This data synthesis is being prepared in a standard accessible format to allow further tectonic and palaeogeographic interpretation.


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