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Frontier Exploration: Western Paraguay

Veal, Steven 1; Berge, Tim 2
1 DCX Resources, Denver, CO.
2 Pangean Resources, Denver, CO.

Paraguay is central South American country with great hydrodynamic energy and no hydrocarbon production to date. Yet, of the 27 wells drilled from 1947 to 1998 in the potential hydrocarbon region of western Paraguay, 26 had active hydrocarbon shows. Even within this region, this amounts to a well density of one well for every 500 sq km. One well is currently producing a small amount of gas for local use. A variety of technical, political, and geological factors contribute both to the large number of wells with shows and the extremely low well density.

Given the limited exploration history of region western Paraguay has excellent potential with a proven Hydrocarbon System consisting of deep fan channel to costal delta reservoirs, source rocks of greater than 1% TOC and an over-pressured seal capacity. Traps are both structural; horst and graben structures with lateral sealing faults, and stratigraphic; represented by depositional unconformities, facies change, and pinch-outs. The system source rocks are currently on the oil and gas generation window.

Exploration efforts are currently underway to refine the seismic acquisition and reprocessing techniques to refine potential leads. Published reports estimate the mean undiscovered gas in Paraguay to be at 4.5 TCFG, oil to be at 902 MMBO, and natural gas liquids to be at 221 MMBNGL.

Clearly western Paraguay is, in terms of a hydrocarbon province, a true frontier play


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