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The Use of Structural Restoration and Forward Modelling to Identify a New Play Type in from Old Petroleum Province

Similox-Tohon, Dominique 1; Grocott, John 1; Jones, Serena 1; Armstrong, Norman 1
1 Midland Valley, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

With the long term prospect of an expanding global economy there is an increased pressure to find new HC resources. Deeper Plays within existing or old fields may be an attractive economic option.

Deeper plays within fold and thrust belts might not have been drilled as the current structural model does not identify a deeper play type. We show that, with using the concept of working with multiple structural framework scenarios, the ability to identify new potential play types at depth is increased. Scenario modelling also provides an understanding of the structural framework uncertainty and feeds directly into prospect risking.

Structural modelling software applications are used to test the structural geometric viability of play types. We present an onshore case-study where an existing salt-cored anticline model does not allow for potential deeper play types, for example due to duplex formation. An integrated approach using 2D and 3D visualisation, geo-constrained model construction and structural modelling successfully identified additional potential play types. Both structural restoration and forward modelling techniques were used to create a number of balanced structural frameworks scenarios consistent with the available data. With the acceptance of a specific structural framework model and play type, the new model can then be used as a picking template for 2D and 3D seismic interpretation.

It is shown that the concept of working with scenarios gives the modeller enough ‘mental space’ to create a number of different balanced structural framework models for the available data. From the structural framework models new play types are identified and their structural geometric uncertainty is better understood.


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