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Interpretation of Stratigraphic Systems Associated with Seismic Attributes, Petropiar, Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela

Sanchez, Natalia 1; Bejarano, Celia 2; Skrzypczak, Attila 3
1 Exploration, PDVSA CVP, Caracas, Venezuela.
2 Exploration, Petrocedeño, Caracas, Venezuela.
3 Exploration, Lukoil, Caracas, Venezuela.

The Petropiar field belongs to the Ayacucho Block located in the Orinoco Oil Belt. A 3D seismic volume, 387 km2 migrated in depth was acquired in 1998. The seismic volume was used to guide the perforation of 996 wells, 134 stratigraphic and 862 horizontal for heavy oil production. The structural seismic interpretation, defines two main normal faults systems of direction: East-West and the Northwest - Southeastern. From the seismic volume, production zones were interpreted corresponding to Early Miocene and Basement - Precambric. Multiple seismic attributes were calculated on the volume and surfaces, by using transparency and opacity it was possible to identify sedimentary environments (lowstand , transgressive and highstand). By mapping the stratigraphic sequences and information on production wells, it was possible to define the lateral continuity and depositional sequences. This study tries to show the seismic response to chained systems, different sedimentary features as progradations, fluvial channels, thickness of sands and clays, and fault facies.


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