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Depositional Character of the Mirando Sand, Jackson Group in Webb County, Texas

Robinson, Mark C.1
1 PetraLogos LLC, Spring, TX.

A stratigraphic analysis was made utilizing the gamma-ray, spontaneous-potential and deep induction logs from over 2,000 wells. The variation in the well-log curve responses were interpreted as indications of discontinuities and surfaces and were correlated according to allostratigraphic principles. This process was used to generate a sequence-stratigraphic analysis of the Mirando Sand unit of the Eocene aged Jackson Group in Webb County, Texas. Five distinct parasequences were identified from well-log characteristics. Net sand determinations were made utilizing cut-off values of spontaneous-potential and gamma-ray logs. Maps were generated to display the occurance, thickness and orientation of the net sand for each of the five Mirando sand intervals. The Mirando sand has been a significant producer of oil and gas in Webb County since 1921.


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