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The Use of Large Aperture Buried Geophone Arrays for High Efficiency Stimulation and Production Microseismic Monitoring

Neale, Chris 1; Smith, Pete 2
1 MicroSeismic, Inc., Houston, TX.
2 EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc., Denver, CO.

A new acquisition methodology has been implemented for microseismic monitoring of tight gas stimulation and long term production monitoring. Arrays of geophones buried below the surface wave guide, coupled with specific beam-forming or stacking algorithms, are being used to monitor the hydraulic stimulation of tight gas wells. The commercial advantage of this system is that a single deployment of geophones, permanently installed, can be used for campaign or long-term monitoring programs over the life of field and over a very large area. Typical areal coverage is on the order of 16 square miles with a single installation.


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