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3-D Petroleum System Modeling and Exploration Risk Assessment of the Offshore Namibian Deep-Water Areas, Namibia; a Forgotten Giant Oil Province

Mello, Marcio R.1; Azambuja Filho, Nilo C.1; Bender, Andre 1; Catto, Antonio 1
1 HRT & Petroleum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A quantitative 3D petroleum system modeling and exploration risk assessment of the deep-water area, of the Namibian offshore Basins, in the Southern Atlantic Realm suggest the presence of a forgotten giant hydrocarbon province. The study was based on detailed geological, geochemical and geophysical information integrated under the 3D petroleum system modeling approach.

A PSDM 3D seismic data were interpreted, mapped and integrated with geological, remote sense, geophysical and geochemical data utilizing the IES 3D-PetroMod software. A full 3D modeling was used to assess the interplay among source, reservoirs, seals and trap geometries, thermal evolution of source rocks, hydrocarbon types, charge, timing of migration, accumulation and preservation and oil quality, and a volumetric quantification of the accumulated reservoirs.

The main results indicate the presence of an overcharged oil province where transformation in the main depocenters of the rift source rocks in the study area reached almost 100% at present day. On the other hand, the marine Albian-Cenomanian source rock is partly transformed in the depocenters and can not be considered as significant source rock system in the area.

Predicted temperature values in the main rift source rock depocenter systems suggest values that are critical in preserving the oil prone nature of the whole area.

The reservoir rocks, composed post and syn -rift sandstones and carbonates are widespread along the Basin presenting good porosities and permeabilities. A thick regional seal are widespread along the entire basin in the Aptian, Albian and Upper Cretaceous sequences.

Such ideal conjunction of the elements and processes of this petroleum system allowed the establishment of one of the most prolific frontier of exploration in the West coast of Africa.


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