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Parshall Field, North Dakota, Discovery of the Year for the Rockies and beyond

Johnson, Michael S.1
1 Consulting Geologist, Denver, CO.

Parshall Field, a Bakken reservoir, located in Mountrail County, North Dakota, is the discovery of the year for the Rockies. Discovered in 2006 by EOG Resources, it is an unusual and complex, stratigraphic-type trap. It has developed into a huge resource play covering some 40 townships, over 950,000 acres, and still expanding. The North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources estimates recoverable Bakken oil reserves for North Dakota at 2.1 billion barrels, less than 1.5% of oil in place. It owes its existence to the development of horizontal drilling and modern fract techniques. Geochemistry, seismic, faulting, stratigraphy and trap components will be discussed. Parshall gives credence to the belief that large, commercial oil and gas reserves in similar-type traps and reservoirs exist in the US.


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