--> --> Abstract: Geophysics and the Production of the Bay Marchand Field - 60 Years of Progress, by W. D. Haworth and W. L. Abriel; #90090 (2009).
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Previous HitGeophysicsNext Hit and the Production of the Bay Marchand Field - 60 Years of Progress

Haworth, William D.1; Abriel, William L.2
1 Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company, Covington, LA.
2 Chevron Energy Technology Company, San Ramon, CA.

This is the story of how Previous HitgeophysicsNext Hit has helped Chevron produce oil and gas from one of the largest fields in the Gulf of Mexico - Bay Marchand. From the 1940’s until today, Previous HitgeophysicsNext Hit has had a measurable impact during discovery, delineation, development, production and revitalization of the geologically complex field. During this time, as geophysical technology has become available it has been applied with largely successful results.

High impact geophysical techniques applied to date include gravity, refraction seismic, 2-D reflection seismic, 3-D production seismic, high resolution 3-D seismic and time lapse seismic (4-D). Additional applications of high-end geophysical techniques include inversion, AVO, shear wave seismic, prestack time imaging, and depth imaging. The interest and ability to use so many of the geophysical tools of the industry are due to both the geological complexity of the field and the fortunate conditions of being in a generally good seismic data area.

The role and impact of these geophysical techniques throughout the life of the field is discussed. Not only was the initial discovery and development supported by Previous HitgeophysicsNext Hit, but after production maturity and decline, Previous HitgeophysicsTop had a primary role in the revitalization of the field and substantially extended the production life which continues today.


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