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First Oil in Belize and the Impact of Depth Imaging from Field Development

Brewster, David 1; MacKay, Scott 1
1 Black Coral, Englewood, CO.

Spanish Lookout Field (SLF) was discovered in June 2005 by Belize Natural Energy (BNE) onshore Belize. The discovery well, the Mike Usher-1, drilled an apparent thrust-fault related anticlinal closure based on a sparse 2D grid acquired in 2004 and early 2005. Within a year, BNE had five producers and over 2500 BOPD of sweet 38 gravity oil. The SLF discovery followed 50 dry holes in Belize and is the first commercial production in the country. Production is from early Cretaceous strata at a depth of about 900 meters. A sixth well, the Mike Usher-6, was drilled in 2006 and came in low and wet. At this point, BNE decided to acquire a 3D seismic survey to better understand the structure, define the field boundaries, and encounter other opportunities. The 3D survey provided a significantly improved image of the area, but a subsequent dry hole, drilled on the 3D time migration, suggested that depth imaging was required to handle the complex velocity field. The 3D depth migration further enhanced the volume, explained the dry holes, and provided new understanding of the productive structure and trap.


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