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The Gulf of Mexico Gas Hydrate Joint Industry Project: Initial Review of Results of 2009 Logging-While-Drilling Program

Boswell, Ray 1; Jones, Emrys 2; Collett, Tim 3
1 Methane Hydrates Field Studies, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. DOE, Morgantown, WV.
2 Chevron Energy Technology Corporation, Houston, TX.
3 Denver Federal Center, U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO.

In Spring of 2009, the Gulf of Mexico Gas Hydrates Joint Industry Project (a cooperative R&D program between a Chevron-led industry group and the U.S. Department of Energy) is planning to conduct a multi-site drilling campaign in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The objective of JIP Leg 2 is to test various exploration models for the occurrence of high-concentrations of gas hydrate within sand reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico and to provide data to support potential future drilling and coring operations. The expedition, which will occur aboard the Helix Q4000 semi-submersible, is planned for roughly three weeks duration, and will include up to 9 exploratory holes at two or possibly three different sites in the Walker Ridge and Green Canyon areas. The logging-while-drilling program will include both 6 ¾” and 4 ¾” tools on a common bottom-hole assembly to enable collection of a full range of LWD data. This presentation will discuss the operations and initial scientific findings from the JIP Leg 2 expedition.


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