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Simulation of Oil and Gas Fields Genesis in the Middle Caspian Area

Bochkarev, Vitaly A.1; Ostroukhov, Sergey B.2; Korshunova, Marina R.3
1 HC Reserves Calculation, LUKOIL Overseas Service, Moscow, Russia.
2 HC Reserves Calculation, LUKOIL-VolgogradNIPImorneft, Volgograd, Russia.
3 HC Reserves Calculation, LUKOIL-VolgogradNIPImorneft, Volgograd, Russia.

Based on the Concept of HC fields formation, each new prospective structure in the offshore area of the Middle and North Caspian Sea is regarded as a part of a single generation-accumulation HC system. The discovered multi-layer hydrocarbon fields are located at different distances from the source of hydrocarbons generation. Oil and gas pools are generated in the generation zone at the transit migration routes according to the step lateral-vertical scheme and also in the intermediate and final zones of hydrocarbon accumulation. The studied fields are located within a large intermediate zone of accumulation and re-formation of accumulations of early and late generated hydrocarbons (Rakushetchnaya uplift zone). The Concept is based on the model of two-step field formation by means of the Jurassic zone (source) of their generation (Tersko-Caspian depression) that helps describe the peculiarities of pools formation, their composition and peculiarities of hydrocarbon accumulations. Formation of pools in Rakushetchnaya uplift zone was continuous starting from the Late Cretaceous.


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