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Surface Microseismic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations, Bakken Formation, Nesson Anticline, Williston Basin, North Dakota

Abbott, David 1; Williams-Stroud, Sherilyn 1; Shaffer, Ron 2
1 MicroSeismic Inc., Denver, CO.
2 XTO Energy, Denver, CO.

A surface microseismic methodology was utilized to perform hydraulic fracture diagnostics during stimulation of the XTO Energy Nesson State 41X-36 and 44X-36 wells, Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, Williams County, North Dakota. Analysis of the surface microseismic data was carried out for seven (7) hydraulic fracture stages performed in the 41X-36 and 44X-36 wells to: (1) determine the applicability of the surface microseismic approach for fracture stimulations in the Bakken; and (2) characterize fracture azimuth, length and symmetry with respect to rock properties.

The surface microseismic data were of sufficient quality to enable successful interpretations of hydraulic fracture geometries. Induced fracture azimuths and lengths were estimated for all 7 hydraulic fracture stages. Induced fractures were observed to form complex networks along primary azimuths of 55-60 degrees and secondary azimuths of 145-150 degrees. Fracture half-length varied from stage to stage but on average was 1000 feet for the 41X-36 and 750 feet for the 44X-36. A regional geologic study of the Williston Basin provided structural evidence to support geometries observed from the surface microseismic data.


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