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Comparison of Natural Fractures Based Upon Image Logs- Shale Gas Plays of the Western US

Randolph Koepsell
Schlumberger Data and Consulting, Greenwood Village, CO

Image-based logs are historically used to identify natural fractures in the tight gas plays of the western US. As the shale gas plays are developed, these image based logs are increasingly used to diagnose the presence, type and origin of natural fractures within the shale.

This poster will display released examples of shale based natural fractures that are present in various basins throughout the Western US, including a comparison to the routine question: How does this compare to the Barnett Shale? The discussions will include the type of fractures present, open and healed as well as their petrophysical characterization including fracture aperture, fracture permeability, fracture porosity, and reservoir fracture spacing.

The building of a reservoir scale Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) will be diagrammatically presented using the reservoir fracture spacing’s from individual wells as the building block for matrix to fracture connectivity.

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