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Imapit™ Interactive Resource Map

Robert F. Garland
CBM Associates, Inc., Laramie, WY

The iMapIT™ Interactive Resource Map (IRM) is a graphic Information System (GIS) based interactive resource application that provides users with the ability to query, view, and plot map objects in a spatial projection with overlays of topography and/or aerial imagery. The IRM is published in an ArcReader format which allows the user to interact with the map and layers of spatial data. The IRM allows the user to configure the display of multiple spatial data layers from many sources in the same view with the option to produce digital and hard copies of any map a user builds.

Optimal data visualization value is achieved by combining conditioned iMapIT™ spatial data layers from the public domain with proprietary data. The IRM is currently applied to energy development in the Rocky Mountain region and allows access to data for production and/or regulatory compliance reporting. Data can include: geology, hydrology, soils, and other environmental data; mineral lease and surface ownership boundaries; exploration and development infrastructure; local, state, and federal regulatory permit, monitoring, and compliance information; and other energy development related spatial data. Periodic monitoring of public domain spatial data sources allows updating of internally maintained databases. Proprietary data are updated as it is received.

The IRM is linked to an iMapIT™ Interactive Reporting Tools (IRT) application which allows on demand access to the spatial data used to create the maps so it can be viewed and charted or exported in a grid format for insertion into spreadsheet applications. The IRM spatial data is sourced from the same databases utilized by the IRT. IRM configurations currently used by oil and gas exploration and development companies are comprised of approximately 150 object-specific layers with 35 to 40 of these layers containing proprietary data sets.

The IRM is securely accessed through a Citrix Access Point and application servers are housed in a Tier 2 Data Center. ESRI GIS software ArcGIS Desktop 9.2 tools are utilized in conjunction with Arc SDE 9.2 and internally integrated with databases running on MS SQL 2005 platform.

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