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AAPG Pacific Section

March 31-April 2, 2008, Bakersfield, California

Search and Discovery Article #90076 (2008)
Posted March 6, 2008

*Appreciation is expressed to Larry C. Knauer ([email protected]) for making the abstracts available for posting on Search and Discovery.

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Belridge Giant Oil Field -- It keeps on going and going...
by Malcolm E. Allan, Michelle Glascock, and David M. Miner

Hydrocarbon Leakage Through a Paleochannel Across Faults: A Case Study in Wilmington Oil Field, California
by Linji An

Gee Whiz Geophysics…But What About the Log Data? Normalizing, Editing, and Supplementing Log, Core, and Production Data from 1935 to the Present
by Jeff S. Arbogast

Use of Large Scale Earth Model for Opportunity Identification and Targeting at Kern River Field, Kern County, California
by Dale Beeson

Mysteries of the Monterey Formation: Unanswered Questions and Future Research Directions
by Richard J. Behl and Shingo Morita

Practical Aspects of Land Seismic Imaging
by Dimitri Bevc, Tony Rebec, and Walt Ritchie

The Walker Andesite and the Chocolate Mountains Anticlinorium, Picacho State Recreation Area (PSRA), SE California: Evidence for Possible Neogene Reactivation of the Anticlinorium During Early Development of the Eastern California Shear Zone (ECSZ)
by Melanie A. Biggs and Gary H. Girty

Stratigraphic Evidence from Miocene Megabreccia Deposits for a Regional-Scale Mesozoic Allochthon in the Western Soda and Avawatz Mountains, Eastern Mojave Desert, California
by Kim M. Bishop

Geological Overview of the Palos Verdes Peninsula
by Arthur R. Brown(Dick)

History of Oil Exploration and Mineral Exploitation in the Palos Verdes Peninsula
by Arthur R. Brown(Dick) and John F. Schwiebert

Evaluation of the Potential of Wave Equation Depth Imaging Technologies on Land
by Morgan P. Brown and Joseph H. Higginbotham

Update Re: Predictive Late Cretaceous to Early Miocene Paleogeography of the San Andreas Fault System Derived from Detailed Multidisciplinary Conglomerate Correlations
by Kathleen Burnham

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The Impact of Differential Subsidence on Turbidite Deposition, Upper Miocene Bakersfield Arch, California
by Michael S. Clark

Wisconsinan Climate, Tectonism, and Origin of the Water Gap Channels on the Southern California Coastal Plain
by Ivan Colburn

Study of Kern River Formation Channel Sands with Gradually Decreasing Resistivity, Kern River Oil Field, Kern County, California
by Kay Coodey, Robert A. Horton,Jr., and Larry C. Knauer

Are Sulfur Bacteria Associated With Ancient Phosphogenesis? An Example From the Phosphatic Shale Member, Monterey Formation
by Frank A. Corsetti, William Berelson, Jake Bailey, Sarah Greene, and Victoria Petryshyn

Geology of Central California
by Ron Crane

Delineation of a Large Asphaltum Resource , NW Casmalia field, Santa Barbara County, California
by Ramon Elias and Mark L. Wilson

Possible Extension of the 100 Year Old Casmalia Field, Santa Barbara County, California
by Ramon Elias and Mark L. Wilson

Multiple Uses of Image Logs Within the Los Angeles Basin
by Paul Elliott, Dalton Lockman, and Thomas Howard

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Uplift of the Palos Verdes Tectonic Block from 600 ka, As Evidenced by Mapping of the Palos Verdes Fault, Pre- and Syn-Uplift Deposition, and Related Structures: Results of High-Resolution Offshore Seismic Imaging
by Robert D. Francis and Mark R. Legg

Into the Bowels of Hades: Investigating an Early Miocene Tilted Volcano in the Santa Monica Mountains
by Eugene A. Fritsche

Changing Sediment Sources in the Mio-Pliocene Etchegoin Formation on the Western Bakersfield Arch and Elk Hills, California
by Janice Gillespie, Ariel Auffant, Luz Sophia Cobos, Adam Mahan, Robert Negrini, Daniel Steward, and Sean Taylor

Deepwater Siliciclastic Deposits and Anticlinal Growth at Grizzly Bluff, Humboldt County, California
by Greg Gordon and Todd Greene

Mechanical Stratigraphy in the Monterey Formation and its Control on Fracture Geometry, Distribution and Scaling
by Michael R. Gross and Jon R. Schwalbach

Two-stage Weathering Model for K-feldspar-absent Granitoids in a Mediterranean (hot summer) Climate: Evidence From Corestone-saprolite Pairs, Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve (SMER), Temecula, California
by Aaron K. Hebeler, Sarah L. Johnson, Chris R. Martinez, Melanie A. Biggs, Richard W. Berry, and Gary H. Girty

Upper Oligocene and Lower Miocene Stratigraphy of the San Joaquin Basin, California
by Scott T. Hector and Karen E. Blake

The Randolph Oil Zone, Semitropic Field, Kern County, California: A Highly Bioturbated, High-Pressure, Low-permeability Reservoir in the Lower Pliocene Etchegoin Formation
by Scott T. Hector, Michael Johns, and Brian Cunningham

Oil and Gas Exploration in Honey Lake Basin, Lassen County, California
by Scott T. Hector, Jerome P. Walker, and Samuel H. Limerick

Petrology of the Catalina Schist in the Palos Verdes Hills
by Gregory J. Holk and Arthur R. (Dick) Brown

Characterization of Kerogens and Coals Using Fluorescence Measured in situ At Elevated Temperatures
by Wuu-Liang Huang, Ying-Ju Chang, and Allen Hsu

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The Pleistocene Paleontology and Stratigraphy of Palos Verdes Peninsula
by Stephen E. Jacobs

Development of the Marvic/Spellacy Sands at Bremer, Midway-Sunset
by Osama Karaman, Karen Blake, and Greg Bowers

Fracture Optimization by Integrating Completion Engineering and Advanced Borehole Seismic Methodologies
by Mitch Kniffin, John Harkrider, Brian Fuller, Les Engelbrecht, Marc Sterling, and Richard Van Dok

New Insights into Dolomite Concretions, Phosphatic Shale Member, Monterey Formation: Carbonate Associated Sulfate and d34S
by Sean Loyd, Frank A. Corsetti, and William Berelson

Bustling DFW Airport Creates Unlikely Setting for High-fold 3-D Survey to Image Barnett Shale
by Larry Lunardi and Kevin Werth

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Techniques for Improved Prospect Evaluation: Examples from Gulf of Mexico
by Tony Marsh

New Facility Offers Public Access to Important Rocky Mountain Core and Data
by Mark Milliken and Dave Foster

Stratigraphy of the Joaquin Ridge Sandstone: a Sand-rich Deep-water System
by Christopher Mitchell

Point Source and Point Receiver Acquisition in a Diffiicult Geologic Area: Chaves County, New Mexico Experiment
by Nick Moldoveanu, Scott Totten, Antoun Salama, and George El-Khadir

Structural History of the Lost Hills Aera of California and its Influence on Late Cenozoic Stratigraphy – Evidence from 3D Seismic
by Gary A. Myers and Sean M. O'Connor

The Value of Water Injection
by Samson Ning and Danielle Ohms

Distribution of Conglomerates in a Submarine Canyon System, Upper Miocene Potter Sandstone, Midway-Sunset Field, Kern County, California
by Sean O'Connor

First Commercial Success for a New Waterflood Sweep Improvement Treatment
by Danielle Ohms, Jennifer McLeod, Katrina Yancey, Craig J. Graff, Harry Frampton, K. T. Chang, Jim C. Morgan, and Stephen Cheung

The Tectono-stratigraphic Evolution of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Southern California
by Brian Olson

Addressing Key Uncertainties During Production Analog Identification Process in a Heavy Oil Pool of the Upper Miocene Potter Sandstone, Midway-Sunset Field, Kern County, California
by Omur Orhan and Sean O'Connor

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Families of Miocene Monterey Crude Oil, Seep, and Tarball Samples in Coastal California
by Kenneth E. Peters, Frances D. Hostettler, Tom D. Lorenson, and Robert J. Rosenbauer

Origins and Problems of Cultral Stratigraphy and Chronology in Southern California, as Originally Defined at the Malaga Cove Archaeology Site in the Palos Verdes Hills
by Mark L. Peterson

Concepts and Methods for the Prediction of Reservoir Hydrocarbon Type Using Ratios of Mudlog Gas Chromatography C1-C5 Gases
by Raymond M. Pierson

Oil Field History and Current Activities, Midway-Sunset Oil Field, California
by Michael F. Ponek, Hana Ciembronowicz, and Steven Mathias

The “Type” San Pedro Sand From the Palos Verdes Peninsula: How Characteristic Is It?
by Daniel J. Ponti

The Corcoran Clay at Great Depths in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, CA
by Elizabeth Powers, Robert Negrini, Peter Wigand, Manuel Palacios-Fest, and Franklin Foit

Paleomagnetism and Tectonic Rotation of the Southern Coast Ranges, California
by Donald R. Prothero

The Sedimentary Record of the Middle Permian Subduction Initiation in the El Paso Mountains, California
by Jean L.Rains, Kathleen M.Marsaglia, and George C.Dunne

Seismic Noise Removal Whilst Preserving the Amplitude Response
by Tony Rebec and Dimitri Bevc

Applying Modern Petrophysical Techniques to Vintage E-log's, Kettleman Hills North Dome Field, CA
by Jason B. Robbins and Jonathan P. Lange

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The Bakersfield Arch as an Integral Part of the Southern Sierra Nevada (SN) Uplift
by Jason Saleeby and Zorka Saleeby

Structure and Stratigraphy of the Bakersfield Arch as the Markers of Active Epeirogenic Uplift Superimposed Across a Complex Basinal Facies System
by Zorka Saleeby and Jason Saleeby

Seismotectonics of the Palos Verdes-San Pedro Basin Fault Systems, Los Angeles Region, Southern California
by Bruce A. Schell

Calibrating Cores to Image Logs in a Turbidite Sequence from Ventura Avenue Field
by Jon Schwalbach, Michael Glascock, Ralph Coldewey, Jay Holloway, and James Vickery

Onshore-offshore Cabrillo Fault, Palos Verdes, California: a Tectonic Fault Associated with the Palos Verdes Fault
by John F. Schwiebert and Robert D. Francis

Chukchi Sea Exploration - The Second Cycle
by Kirk W. Sherwood

Lithostratigraphic Record of North Soda Lake, Carrizo Plain, San Luis Obispo County, California: Implications for a Long-lived Pleistocene Lake
by Randall Stephenson, Rob Negrini, Dallas Rhodes, Adam Herrera, Staci Loewy, Nick Duerr, and Gaby Noriega

Kern River Field: Framework and Future of an Old Giant
by Jim Swartz, Larry Knauer, Jim Eacmen, Al Hunter, and Jerry McNaboe

Diagenesis of the Point of Rocks Sandstone (Middle to Late Eocene) , McKittrick Oil Field, California
by Brian L. Taylor and Robert A. Horton

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New Insights on the Southern Coyote Creek Fault and Superstition Hills Fault
by Afton Van Zandt and Robert J. Mellors

Distribution and Stratigraphy of Basaltic Lavas in the Southwest Portion of the Big Pine Volcanic Field, California
by Jeffrey M. Woolford and Jorge Vazquez

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