--> Abstract: New Insights on the Southern Coyote Creek Fault and Superstition Hills Fault, by Afton Van Zandt and Robert J. Mellors; #90076 (2008)
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New Insights on the Southern Coyote Creek Previous HitFaultNext Hit and Superstition Hills Previous HitFaultNext Hit

Afton Van Zandt and Robert J. Mellors
San Diego State University, 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182

Recent field work has confirmed an extension of the southern Coyote Creek (CCF) branch of the San Jacinto Previous HitfaultNext Hit in the western Salton Trough. The Previous HitfaultNext Hit marks the western edge of an area of subsidence caused by groundwater extraction, and field measurements suggest that recent strike-slip motion has occurred on this Previous HitfaultNext Hit as well. We attempt to determine whether this Previous HitfaultNext Hit connects at depth with the Superstition Hills Previous HitfaultNext Hit (SHF) to the southeast by modeling observed surface deformation between the two faults measured by InSAR. Stacked ERS (descending) InSAR data from 1992 to 2000 is initially modeled using a finite Previous HitfaultNext Hit in an elastic half-space. Observed deformation along the SHF and Elmore Ranch Previous HitfaultTop is modeled assuming shallow (< 5 km) creep. We test various models to explain surface deformation between the two faults.


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