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Enhancing Reservoir Management with Time-Lapse Seismic Attribute Data: The Girassol/Jasmim Case Study

Philippe Prat and Previous HitGillesTop Lapierre
Total E & P Angola, Luanda, Angola

The reservoir management of the Girassol and Jasmim fields already took profit from the time-lapse seismic surveys acquired in 2002 and 2004. The exploitation of the 4D enables a better understanding of the gas cap expansion, the water injection sweeping efficiency and highlight un-drained areas.

The 4D interpretation is currently based on the calculation of geo-bodies extracted from the differences between the P-impedances generated from a 4D seismic time lapse elastic inversion, and the P-impedances obtained by applying the Petro-Elastic Model on the output of reservoir simulations. This method allows having a 3D view of preferential fluid pathways, highlighting very subtle events in terms of connectivity or barriers.

Finally, the results are integrated in the history match process of the reservoir model. They impact the production forecast. They are also one key parameter for the field redevelopment.

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