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Reserves Evaluation — Who Is Training the Evaluators and Auditors?

Dan J. Tearpock
Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC., Houston, TX

As a response to the reserves problem in our industry, several significant societies including AAPG, SPE, WPC and SPEE have established a committee (JCORET) to develop a training program for Petroleum Reserves Evaluators. Beginning in April, 2004 members from various societies have been evaluating the reserves problem. In July, 2006 the four (4) societies met and agreed to establish a committee to undertake the assignment of establishing a reserves training curriculum, in modular form, to offer to geoscientists and engineers around the world. These societies are leading this initiative because the societies have a number of international members involved in Reserves Estimation and Reporting, the AAPG and SPE are the largest geoscience and engineering organizations in the world and all four (4) societies recognize the need for better practices and standards in reserves estimation and reporting. This paper will provide information on why engineers and geoscientists should consider the JCORET approved training. In addition it will define the reserves training modules identified and approved by JCORET and those that are still needed to provide adequate training for both reserves evaluators and auditors. The modules being developed fall into the following categories: definitions, ethics, geology, engineering, geocellular modeling, petrophysics, geophysics and computer mapping.

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