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Assessing Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of South Atlantic African Sedimentary Basins by the Application of Probability Risking to Play Fairway Analysis

Previous HitAlanTop Holden, Sameena Khan, and Tom Slater
Fugro Robertson, Llandudno, United Kingdom

The unzipping of the South Africa and South America during Lower Cretaceous times created geological conditions conducive to the formation of hydrocarbons and their potential preservation on the now passive margins of both continents. By identifying the petroleum play fairways associated with this event the exploration potential offshore southern West Africa is assessed. The FRL approach, termed Exploration Opportunity Screening (EOS), has been developed over the last eleven years to highlight prospectivity of selected sedimentary basins and thereby reduce exploration risk. Based on the analysis and definition of play elements principally, source rock quality and maturity, reservoir, seal and, timing of structuring, and migration, the probability of a successful hydrocarbon find is calculated. This is achieved by applying probability risking to each of the play elements resulting in a value of prospectivity over the sedimentary basins of offshore South Africa. The results are displayed as a series of play maps illustrating precise detail of the component elements of the play and ultimately final risked prospectivity.

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