--> --> Abstract: Innovative Frontier Exploration Using Seismic and Seaseep Data, Indonesia, by Peter Baillie, John Decker, Paul A. Gilleran, Tanya Johnstone, Dan Orange, Philip A. Teas, and To Be Advised; #90082 (2008)

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Innovative Frontier Exploration Using Seismic and Seaseep Data, Indonesia

Peter Baillie1, John Decker2, Paul A. Gilleran1, Tanya Johnstone1, Dan Orange2, Philip A. Teas2, and To Be Advised3
1TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company, Perth, WA, Australia
2Black Gold Energy, Jakarta, Indonesia
3Migas, Jakarta, Indonesia

SeaSeep data comprises:
1. Multibeam bathymetry and backscatter data to provide (a) 100% coverage of the sea-floor, defining modern depositional systems and neotectonics, (b) location and concentrations of hydrocarbon seeps, and (c) core locations;
2. Gravity and magnetic data to provide a regional grid of hi-res profiles to provide first order tectonic fabric and basement architecture and constrain basin thickness and geothermal gradients;
3. Navigated piston cores and geochemical analyses;
4. Heat-flow and geothermal gradient data.

The combination of SeaSeep and seismic data provides a powerful tool for conducting prospectivity analyses of frontier areas.
In December 2006, TGS-NOPEC commenced the world’s largest multibeam and the world’s first non-exclusive SeaSeep survey as part of an innovative exploration program in the offshore frontier basins of Indonesia.

The program has acquired a variety of data to conduct a comprehensive prospectivity analysis over an area of around one million square kilometers.

The studies will have available 34,000 km new 2D seismic data, 400,000 square kilometers of SeaSeep data including 1,200 sediment cores with 3,600 geochemical analyses and 100 heat flow probes.

The paper will show examples from the survey including the Makassar Strait, the complex collision zone near the Birds Head and the previously unknown Cenderawasih Bay of West Papua.

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