--> --> Abstract: Historical and Future Resources in the Offshore Gulf of Mexico, by Brent Lockhart, Richard Nehring, John Nelson, and Robyn Rockwell; #90082 (2008)

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Historical and Future Resources in the Offshore Gulf of Mexico

Brent Lockhart1, Richard Nehring3, John Nelson2, and Robyn Rockwell2
1Global Exploration, Chevron Inc, Sugarland, TX
2Chevron North America E&P, Chevron Inc, Houston, TX
3NRG Associates, Colorado Springs, CO

The Gulf of Mexico offshore has experienced a steady increase in cumulative resource levels since the first discoveries were made in the 1940's. New exploration concepts coupled with technological advances have driven these increases in the basin resource levels. The offshore industry itself was born in this basin in the years following the Second World War, and it has remained a focal point for the global oil industry today. This poster seeks to examine each geologic trend from the initial phases of exploration on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf through more recent activity in the Deep Water(>200 meter water depth)plays. In order to simplify the discussion, all plays will be grouped chronologically and discussed from youngest to oldest. An assessment of each play’s past targets, technological enablers, and future potential is presented. Critical exploration concepts and key technologies have resulted in large, rapid additions to the resource base in the past. Emerging geologic concepts and technologies may indicate which plays are primed for major resource adds.

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