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AAPG Hedberg Research Conference

Sediment Transfer from Shelf to Deepwater – Revisiting the Delivery Mechanisms

March 3-7, 2008 – Ushuaia-Patagonia, Argentina

Search and Discovery Article #90079 (2008)
Posted February 28, 2008

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*Hyperpycnal Shelfal Lobes - Some Examples of the Lotena and Lajas Formations, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
by M.Arcuri and C.Zavala

*Contrasting Deepwater Sediment Feeder Systems, Sulawesi, Indonesia
by Peter Baillie, Philip A. Teas, John Decker, Dan Orange, and Widjanarko

*Hyperpycnal Rivers and Prodeltaic Shelves in the Cretaceous Seaway Of North America
by Janok P. Bhattacharya and James A. MacEachern

*Monsoon-Induced Hyperpycnal Flows Recorded in the Gulf of Oman (NW Indian Ocean)
by J. Bourget, S. Zaragosi, T. Mulder, T. Garlan, N. Ellouz-Zimmermann, A. VanToer, and J-L. Schneider

*Gravely and Sandy Facies of Río Guache Formation, Venezuelan Ándes: Evidences of Transformation of Gravity Flows in Deep Marine Water
by C. Campos and A. Pilloud

*Trace Fossil Diversity in Hyperpycnites: Ethologic Implications and Comparison to Trace Fossil In Episodic Gravity Flows
by Noelia Carmona, Juan Jose Ponce, M.I. Lopez-Cabrera, and Eduardo Olivero

Factors Controlling Sediment Supply and Mechanism of Transport into Deepwater Tertiary Godavari Basin, East Coast of India
by Sudipta Dasgupta, Neeraj Sinha, Venkatrathnam Kolla, Shashank S. P. Tripathi, and Arijit Chattopadhyay

Observations from Multibeam Bathymetry and Backscatter Data, Sub-Bottom Profile Data, and Piston Core Results That Bear on the Transportation and Deposition of Sediment in the Deep Water Makassar Strait, Indonesia
by John Decker, Philip A. Teas, Peter Baillie, Daniel L. Orange, and Widjanarko

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Mass Transport Deposits in Malvinas Basin Morphology, Depositional Controls and Seismic Facies
by Nunuk Fiptiani, Pedro Bonillo, and Daniel Figueroa

*Evidences of a Shelfal Hyperpycnal Deposition in the Pliocene Sandstones in the Oilbird Field, SE Coast, Trinidad: Impact on Reservoir Distribution and Field Re-Development
by Helena Gamero, Neil Lewis, Robert Welsh, Carlos Zavala, and Carmen Contreras

Massive Sand Beds Deposited by Dense Water Cascading in the Bourcart Canyon Head, Gulf of Lions (Northwestern Mediterranean Sea)
by M. Gaudin, S. Berné, J-M. Jouanneau, A. Palanques, P. Puig, T. Mulder, and P. Cirac

*The Pampatar Formation (Margarita Island, Venezuela): A Result of Gravity Flows in Deep Marine Water
by O. Guzmán and C. Campos

Shelf Edge Trajectory Styles and the Optimal Timing for Sediment Accumulation on the Continental Shelf, and Transport to the Deep Marine: Concepts and Exceptions to the Rule
by Sverre Henriksen, William Helland-Hansen, Scott Bullimore, Kristian Helle, and Britta Paasch

Permian “Deep-Sea-Fan” Turbidites, Karoo Basin, South Africa,Reinterpreted as Lake-Shelf Hyperpycnites
by Roger Higgs

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Sedimentological and Hydrodynamical Processes Along the Var Turbiditic System (SE France)
by Virginie Mas, Bernard Dennielou, Thierry Mulder, Bruno Savoye, Sabine Schmidt, Alexis Khripounoff, and Annick Vangriesheim

Flood-Generated Turbidity Currents and Related Deposits in Ancient and Recent Environments
by Thierry Mulder, James P.M. Syvitski, Guillaume St Onge, Emmanuelle Ducassou, Sébastien Migeon, Julien Bourget, John D. Milliman, Bruno Savoye, Sébastien Zaragosi, Y. Callec, and O. Parize

Estimation of Hydraulic Conditions of Turbidity Currents by Inverse Analysis; Application on Cretaceous Panther Tongue Deposits, Utah, USA
by Hajime Naruse and Cornel Olariu

*The Extent of Individual Hyperpycnal-Flow Beds in the Cretaceous Panther Tongue Delta, Utah, USA
by Cornel Olariu, Ron J. Steel, and Andrew L. Petter

Hyperpycnal Flows and Taphonomy of Vertically Embedded Ammonites from the Upper Cretaceous of Antarctica
by Eduardo B. Olivero

A Review of the Upper Cretaceous-Cenozoic Geology of the Fuegian Andes
by Eduardo B. Olivero and N. Malumián


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*Role of Wave-Modified Underflows in the Across-Shelf Transport of Fine-Grained Sediments: Examples from the Book Cliffs, Utah, U.S.A
by Simon A.J. Pattison

The Impact of the Interaction Between High Frequency Climate Change and Glacioeustasy on Sediment Delivery to Ocean Margins
by Martin Perlmutter

*Deep-Marine Hyperpycnal Channel-Levee Complexes in the Miocene of Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina: Architectural Elements and Facies Associations
by Juan José Ponce, Eduardo B. Olivero, and Daniel R. Martinioni

*Syndepositional Lateral Migration of Hyperpycnal Lobes in Submarine Ramp Systems. Early Miocene, Austral Basin, Argentina
by Juan José Ponce, Eduardo B. Olivero, and Daniel R. Martinioni

Sedimentologic Processes and Stratigraphic Record of Linked Delta-Continental Slope Progradation, Magallanes Basin, Chile
by Brian W. Romans, Jacob A. Covault, Stephen M. Hubbard, and Andrea Fildani

*Integrating Sedimentologic and Ichnologic Data in Characterization of Hyperpycnal Flow Deposits of Cretaceous Fluvio-Dominated Deltas (Austral Basin, Southern Argentina)
by Luis Lucas Saccavino, Luis Buatois, and Carlos Zavala

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Observations from Multibeam Bathymetry and Backscatter Data, Interplay Between Active Deformation and Active Depositional Systems
by Philip A. Teas, Daniel L. Orange, Peter Baillie, John Decker, and Widjanarko

Subaqueous Sandstones Deposited by Meltwater-Fed Density Flows in a Late Paleozoic Glaciomarine Succession, Eastern Paraná Basin, Brazil
by Fernando Farias Vesely

*Towards A Genetic Facies Tract for the Analysis of Hyperpycnal Deposits
by Carlos Zavala

*Sedimentological Indexes: A New Tool for Regional Studies of Hyperpycnal Systems
by Carlos Zavala, Jair Carvajal, Jose Marcano, and Manuel Delgado

*The Origin of Lofting Rhythmites - Lessons from thin Sections
by Carlos Zavala, Livan Blanco Valiente, and Yrma Vallez

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