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Kinematic and Mechanical Reconstruction of Walker Ridge Structures, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Tosin Majekodunmi
Texas A&M University, Geology and Geophysics Department College Station, TX; 77843-3115; [email protected]

Geometry and timing are required to construct kinematic models of structures. Because excellent reflection seismic and biostratigraphic data are available in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, the opportunity exists to reconstruct structures to an unprecedented level of detail. These data, in turn, may be used to model the structures mechanically and in doing so constrain the rheological behaviour of the constituent sediments. Our specific goal is to combine both biostratigraphic and high-resolution 3-D seismic data to reconstruct a portion of the salt-cored structures in Walker Ridge, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The structures of interest are characterised by salt-cored growth folds and associated crestal grabens. The data set will permit sequential restorations of fold amplitude, fault slip, and strata thickness changes due to sediment deposition and salt growth. From these restorations, fold amplitude growth and fault slip rates will provide the kinematic data necessary to constrain a mechanical model of this structure.

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