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Refining the Carbonate Paradigm for Revamping Mature Oil Fields: Integration of Regional-Scale and High-Previous HitResolutionNext Hit Stratigraphy in the Upper Cretaceous Natih Formation, Oman

Carine Grélaud1*, Philippe Razin1, Peter Homewood2, Henk Droste3, Anne Schwab4, and Volker Vahrenkamp5
1Bordeaux University, France
2Oman Geo-Consultants, France
3Shell, Oman
4Aberdeen University, UK
*[email protected]

Seismic stratigraphy is commonly used by industry, at regional scales, to identify and define plays and targets. This study combines a high-Previous HitresolutionNext Hit sequence stratigraphic study carried out by fieldwork on outcrop, together with seismic forward modelling of both regional scale features and discrete geobodies, and the iteration with high-Previous HitresolutionNext Hit 3-D industry seismic covering areas adjacent to the outcrops. The resulting high-Previous HitresolutionNext Hit seismic stratigraphic and sequence stratigraphic interpretations of a targeted field lying further away were significantly enhanced by the general regional model. Iteration between 3-D seismic, cored wells, outcrops and forward modelling has clarified the packaging of strata, or architectural elements, at different scales. Individual geobodies, at the scale of geomorphic units such as channels or carbonate shoals, may be resolved on attribute maps but are generally sub-seismic in scale. A larger-scale grouping of strata, architectural elements, here named “depositional assemblages”, is defined by both clinoform geometries and by seismic stratigraphic context. Facies associations of such units, identified from cored wells, proved to be significantly different, defining assemblage-specific depositional systems. The combination of high Previous HitresolutionTop sequence stratigraphy from outcrop studies, with the analysis of corresponding 3-D seismic and with forward seismic modelling provides a significantly more detailed geological model upon which to base the static reservoir models required to assess the re-engineering potential of a mature giant field.


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