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2008 Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies 58th Annual Convention
October 6-7, Houston, Texas
Hosted by Houston Geological Society*

Search and Discovery Article #90085 (2008)
Posted October 31, 2008

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Integrated Core, Well Log, and Seismic Interpretation of Lower Glen Rose (Albian) Buildups in Maverick Basin, SW Texas,
      Enzo Aconcha, Charles Kerans, and Hongliu Zeng

Testing for Causal Relationships Between Environmental and Evolutionary Change in the Marine Paleogene of the US Gulf Coastal Plain: The Nature of the Problem,
      Warren D. Allmon and Linda C. Ivany

A Custom Software Approach to Sharing Multidimensional Geoscience Research Findings,
      John R. Andrews, Lesli Wood, and James C. Gibeaut

Depositional and Field Development Model, Gray Sandstone (Jurassic), Cotton Valley Field, Northern Louisiana,
      Brian W. Atwell, F.H. Henk, and John A. Breyer

Using Basin Scale Understanding to Guide Infill Development in a Mature Gas Field, Wamsutter Field, Wyoming,
      Laura A. Banfield, William A. Hill, Robert Lieber, Tony McClain, Noel McInnis, Lee McRae, Robert Marksteiner, Kristian Meisling, Rick Tobin, and Jon Vaitl

Shale Layers in the Alabama Smackover Formation and Their Implications for the Relative Sea-Level Change and Regional Correlation,
      Lawrence R. Baria, Ezat Heydari, and Bradley G. Winton

A History of Crude Oil Earthen Storage In Southeast Texas and Its Legacy of Oily Wastes,
      Mary L. Barrett

Revised Biostratigraphy of the Middle Miocene to Earliest Pliocene Goliad Formation of South Texas,
      Jon A. Baskin and Richard C. Hulbert

Using Geospatial Solutions for Proprietary and Non-Proprietary Integration and Interpretation,
      William J. Berger III and Jennifer Weller

The Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer of Texas: Hydrochemistry, Groundwater Origin and Ages,
      Radu Boghici

Three-Dimensional Architecture of Lowstand Incised-Valley Deposits in the Woodbine Group, North East Texas Field,
      Florence L. Bonnaffu, William A. Ambrose, Tucker F. Hentz, Fred P. Wang, and Robert G. Loucks

High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Correlations of the Oligocene Frio Formation in South Texas,
      Florence L. Bonnaffu, Ursula Hammes, David L. Carr, and L. Franck Brown

An Experimental Approach to Understanding the Response of Benthic Foraminifera to Cd, Hg, Pb and Zn,
      Ellen R. Brouillette and Susan T. Goldstein

Shallow Shear-Wave Seismic Velocity Testing in Jackson, Mississippi,
      David T. Butler III and James B. Harris

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Distribution of Possible Disease Causing Inorganic Tracers from Lignite in Wilcox Aquifer in Caddo Parish, Louisiana,
      Douglas A. Carlson and Thomas P. Van Biersel

Lower Tertiary (EOCENE) Transpresive Coahuilan Revolution of Northern Mexico,
      Santiago Charleston

Using Benthic Foraminifera to Understand Seagrass Abundance, Salinity and Sea Level Variation in Florida Bay,
      Jie Cheng, Laurel S. Collins, Charles W. Holmes, Lee Ann Hayek, and Martin A. Buzas

Geochemical and Isotopic Evolution of the Groundwater in the Central Parts of the Texas Gulf Coast Aquifer: Groundwater Salinity, Recharge, and Flow Implications,
      Ali H. Chowdhury

Hydrogeochemistry, Groundwater Recharge, and Groundwater Ages in the Aquifers of South-Central Texas,
      Ali H. Chowdhury

Detecting Fault Related Hydrocarbon Migration Pathways in Seismic Data: Implications for Fault Seal, Pressure, and Charge Prediction,
      David L. Connolly and Friso Brouwer

LITE. A New Paradigm to Integrate Research, Tech Transfer, and Production,
      Carolina Cruz-Neira

Field Study of South Pass 60 Field - OCS: An Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach,
      Craig Davis, John Tubb, Cecil H. Truss Jr, Robert Ostrander, M. Drayton Prator III, Gary Janik, Ed Langhetee, Dennis Giovannetti, and Steve Buckert

Utilizing Abundance Changes of New and Non-Standard Calcareous Nannofossil Taxa to Increase Biostratigraphic Resolution in Expanded Continental Margin Deposits: Examples from the Middle and Lower Miocene of the Gulf of Mexico,
      Richard A. Denne

Terrestrial Vertebrates from Cretaceous and Tertiary Marine Strata In the Gulf Coastal Plain of Mississippi,
      David T. Dockery III and George E. Phillips

Possible Sources of Arsenic in Ground Water from South Louisiana,
      Timothy W. Duex and Dean M. Gresham

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Mudstone Geophysical Properties for Pressure Prediction,
      Daniel Ebrom

Flora and Climate of the Olmos Formation (Upper Campanian-lower Maastrichtian), Coahuila, Mexico: A Preliminary Report,
      Emilio Estrada-Ruiz, Garland R. Upchurch Jr, and Sergio R. S. Cevallos-Ferriz

Pressure Prediction in the Shallow Ursa Basin: Deepwater Gulf of Mexico,
      Peter B. Flemings and Hui Long

Comparison of Two Planktonic:Benthonic (P:B) Curves from the Yazoo Clay (Eocene; Priabonian) of Mississippi,
      Richard H. Fluegeman, Aneesha Balakrishnan, Christopher J. Banser, Kelli A. McGuire, Nicholas S. Tiedemann, Davina M. Wolfe, Michelle A. Crume, Daniel C. Thurber, and Bradley A. Funk

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Two New Minute Species of Gastropods from the Middle Claibornian (Eocene) of Texas; The First a Fossarid Genus New to the Americas and the Second An Archeogastropod with Affinities Close to Several Extinct Paleozoic Taxa,
      Christopher L. Garvie

USGS Circum-Arctic Resource Appraisal: Quantifying Undiscovered Oil and Gas North of the Arctic Circle,
      Donald L. Gautier

Interactive 3D Visualization of Marine Depositional Systems at Multiple Scales,
      Lindsay J. Gee, Larry A. Mayer, and James V. Gardner

Boundary Changes and Additions to the Aquifers of Texas,
      Peter G. George and Robert E. Mace

Hydrocarbon Generating Potential: Jurassic Cotton Valley - Bossier Group, North Louisiana Salt Basin,
      Donald A. Goddard, Ernest A. Mancini, Marty R. Horn, and Suhas C. Talukdar

Challenges When Predicting Reservoir Quality in the Sub-Salt K2 Field, Green Canyon, Gulf of Mexico,
      Todd J. Greene, B. E. O'Neill, R. E. Drumheller, T. Butaud, and A. Rodriguez

Geochemical Modeling of Regional Hydrochemical Evolution in the Wilcox Aquifer of Missouri and Arkansas,
      Estifanos Haile and Alan E. Fryar

Rapid Growth of Mollusks in the Eocene Gosport Sand, US Gulf Coast,
      Andrew Haveles and Linda C. Ivany

The Last Global Extinction In the Deep Sea,
      Bruce W. Hayward, Shungo Kawagata, Hugh R. Grenfell, Ashwaq T. Sabaa, and Tanya O'Neill

A S-N Paleogene Progradational Stratigraphic Wedge, Walker Ridge, and Its Implication in Depositional History of Deepwater GOM,
      Leipin He and Rex Poling

Of P99's and Other Risk Management Urban Legends,
      Dean R. Hennings, Tom Griffith, and Kevin Martindale

Overpressure Origin in the Bossier Trend, Texas, from Gas Generation and Oil Cracking,
      Philip D. Heppard, Bill H. Babcock, Jeffrey R. Allwardt, and Sarah K. Collier

A Regional Erosion Surface and Its Effect on the Smackover Reservoir-Seal System Along the South Arkansas – North Louisiana Jurassic Shelf,
      Ezat Heydari and Lawrence R. Baria

Transport and Depositional Features Associated with Submarine Mudflows, Mississippi Delta, Gulf of Mexico,
      Christopher Hitchcock, Michael Angell, Robert Givler, and Jim Hooper

Reference Logs for Cotton Valley and Louark Stratigraphic Groups, North Louisiana: A Pilot Study,
      Marty Horn

Clay Mineralogy of the Del Rio Clay Formation (Cenomanian), West Texas:Illite/Kaolinite Ratios as Relative Salinity Indicators,
      Victoria C. Hover, Fleur S. Bases, and Brian E. Lock

OBS Nodes Deliver Wide-Azimuth Image Improvement in Gulf of Mexico Deepwater at Atlantis,
      John M. Howie, David B. Shepherd, Gerard Beaudoin, and Patrice Mahob

TTI Tomography for Dual-Azimuth Data in Gulf of Mexico,
      Tony Huang, Sheng Xu, Juan Wang, and Gentiana Ionescu

High Planktonic Foraminiferal Species Turnover, Enhanced Vertical Ocean Mixing and “Coolhouse” Climatic Conditions Across the Aptian-Albian Boundary Interval,
      Brian T. Huber, R. Mark Leckie, and Kenneth G. MacLeod

Genetic Pore Typing as a Means of Characterizing Reservoir Flow Units: San Andres, Sunflower Field, Terry County, Texas,
      Aubrey N. Humbolt and Wayne Ahr

Crystalline Basement Aquifer, Llano Uplift, Central Texas: An Overlooked Minor Aquifer of Texas,
      Brian B. Hunt

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From Martyrdom to Resurrection for St. Lucie: Revival of a Meiofauna,
      Sreepat Jain, Lee-Ann C. Hayek, and Martin A. Buzas

Disruption of Community Structure at Isthmus Closure,
      Sreepat Jain, Martin A. Buzas, and Lee-Ann C. Hayek

Illuminating Seismic Stratigraphic Features Using 3D Visualization,
      Huw James

Permian Radiolarian Faunal Variations Correlated to Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes in the Lamar Limestone, Delaware Basin, West Texas: Implications for Radiolarian Paleoecology,
      Yuxi Jin, Paula J. Noble, and Simon R. Poulson

Production History, Depositional Environments and Future Hydrocarbon Potential for Main Pass Blocks 4, 10, and 49 in Louisiana State Waters,
      Chacko J. John, Bobby L. Jones, Brian J. Harder, and Reed J. Bourgeois

Sources of Water for San Marcos Springs in San Marcos, Texas,
      Steve Johnson and Geary M. Schindel

Investigating Recharge in Arid Alluvial Basin Aquifers: The Pecos Valley Aquifer, Texas,
      Ian C. Jones

Petroleum Prospects and Discoveries in Central Belize,
      David T. King Jr

Impact Stratigraphy of the U.S. Gulf Coast States,
      David T. King Jr and Lucille W. Petruny

Interpretation and Mapping in 3-D Virtual Reality of Pleistocene Red River Distributaries on the Prairie Surface Near Lafayette, Louisiana,
      Gary L. Kinsland, Christoph W. Borst, Jan-Phillip Tiesel, and Kaushik Das

Imaging Digital Well-logs in 3-D Virtual Reality: Investigation of Northern Louisiana Wilcox Fluvial/Coal Strata for Coalbed Natural Gas,
      Gary L. Kinsland, Christoph W. Borst, Jan-Phillip Tiesel, and Catherine E. Bishop

The Relationship Between Ecological Variability and Time Averaging In Different Habitats (Copano Bay, Texas),
      Christopher A. Klug and Thomas D. Olszewski

Regional Groundwater Model for the Chicot and Evangeline Aquifer, Central Texas Gulf Coast: Benefits of a Chronostratigraphic Framework,
      Paul R. Knox, Steven C. Young, Van Kelley, Trevor Budge, and Neil E. Deeds

Resolving Aquifer Correlations from Subsurface to Outcrop: The Yegua-Jackson Aquifer of the Texas Gulf Coastal Plain,
      Paul R. Knox, Neil E. Deeds, Astrid M. Vreugdenhil, and Robert A. Kalbouss

Rejuvenation of a Shallow Reservoir in the Seventy-Year-Old Golden Meadow Field, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana,
      Kelly S. Kolvoord, Allen R. Peterson, Robert C. LaForge, and Raymond W. Block

Using Peer Reviews to Improve Uncertainty Assessment in New Ventures: A Holistic Approach,
      George Kronman and Leah Smith

A Compaction-Based Pore Pressure Model for Shales,
      James T. Krushin

Petrography and Biostratigraphy of #101 Las Caсas and Mesita #1 Cores, Golden Lane/Poza Rica Trend, Mexico,
      Paul R. Krutak

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Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Time-Series Data In the Hydrologic Cycle of the Gulf Coast, USA,
      William Joseph Lambert and Paul Aharon

Interaction Between Submarine Channels and Mass-Transport Deposits In An Outer Thrust and Fold Belt of the Western Deepwater Niger Delta,
      Eddy Lee, Efthymios Tripsanas, R. Craig Shipp, and Larry Gibson

Potential for Downdip Extension of the Travis Peak Gas Play, West Margin of the East Texas Basin,
      Yamin Li and Walter B. Ayers

Seismic Sedimentology and Depositional Systems in the Upper Cretaceous Olmos Formation, Gold River North Field, Webb County, South Texas,
      Xiupeng Li and Hongliu Zeng

Microbial Mats on Siliciclastic Bedding Surfaces - In the Del Rio Kinneyia Formation (Cenomanian), West Texas,
      Brian E. Lock

In Hot Water? How Climate Change May (or may not) Affect the Groundwater Resources of Texas,
      Robert E. Mace and Shirley Wade

Paleogene Lowstand Systems Tract Sandstone Deposits of the Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain: Potential Reservoir Facies in the Offshore Northeastern Gulf of Mexico,
      Ernest A. Mancini

Interpretation Between the Layers; Use of Volume Visualization, Data Isolation Techniques, and Attribute Analysis to Reveal Depositional Architectures from West of Shetlands Area,
      Tony Marsh and Michelle Fullen

Spectacularly Preserved, Mollusc-Dominated Fauna from a Cavity Layer In the Lower Cretaceous Edwards Formation, Central Texas,
      Linda J. McCall, James Sprinkle, and Ann Molineux

Utilizing Echinoids as Environmental Indicators from the Late Eocene Ocala Limestone,
      Justin Miller

The Rio Bravo Collection: Preserving a Unique Collection for Future Research in the Gulf Coast Section,
      Ann Molineux

Mudstone Compaction Trends and Their Use In Pore Pressure Prediction,
      Nazmul Haque Mondol, Knut Bjorlykke, and Jens Jahren

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Response of Aquifers to Ground-Water Pumping Increases and Decreases in the Houston, Texas Metropolitan Area,
      John W. Nelson

The Eifelian-Givetian Boundary in the Oatka Creek Formation, Lower Hamilton Group, Middle Devonian, Western New York - Conodonts, Dacryoconarids, and Magnetic Susceptibility,
      D. Jeffrey Over, Robert D'Andrea, Patrick Donohue, Shannon Rabideau, Amanda Wood, and Brooks Ellwood

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Stratigraphy and Petroleum Exploration History of the Cotton Valley Group (Lower Cretaceous to Upper Jurassic) and Haynesville Group (Upper Jurassic), Offshore Northeastern Gulf of Mexico,
      Andrew J. Petty

Using 3D Seismic Data for Visualization of Depositional Systems – Integrating Seismic Stratigraphy and Seismic Geomorphology,
      Henry W. Posamentier

Basin Scale Exploration – A New Frontier for Desktop Visualization,
      Nicholas Purday and Mary Cole

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A High-Resolution Seismic Assesment of Faulting in the Louisiana Coastal Plain,
      Harry H. Roberts, Robert A. Morton, and Angelina Freeman

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Geochemical Software Technology to Characterize Reservoir Systems in the Llanos Basin: Cutting Costs and Learning More,
      Rick Schrynemeeckers, Suhas Talukdar, Javier Paez, and Uriel Sanchez

Paleo-Hazard Recognition in Coastal Settings—Microfossil Determinations of the History and Precursors of Major Catastrophic Events,
      David B. Scott and Jere H. Lipps

Calibration of Predicted Pore Pressure: Perceptions and Pitfalls,
      Selim Shaker

The Double Edged Sword : The Impact of the Interaction Between Salt and Sediment on Sub-Salt Exploration Risk in Deep Waters, from Mahogany to Jack,
      Selim S. Shaker

The Strat-Geopressure Fairways: A New Technique Advances Risk Assessment and Prediction of Deeper Potentials, Case History from the Gulf of Mexico,
      Selim S. Shaker

Depth on Demand – Fast Beam migration, Smart Flood™, and Integrated Visualization for Improved Velocity Depth Model Building,
      Kevin Sherwood, Jostein Lima, Tim Bird, and Peter Wijnen

Barnett Shale–Unfolded: Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Regional Mapping,
      Prerna Singh, Roger Slatt, and William Coffey

Geological Investigation of Petrified Wood in the Miocene Fleming Formation, Jasper County, Texas,
      Scott W. Singleton

The Effects of Seismic Data Conditioning on Pre-Stack Simultaneous Impedance Inversion,
      Scott W. Singleton

Biogeographic Comparisons of Neogene Benthic Foraminifera of Venezuela, Panama and Ecuador,
      Carly J. Smith, Laurel S. Collins, Carlos Jaramillo, and Luis I. Quiroz

Multilevel Monitoring and Characterization of the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers of Central Texas,
      Brian A. Smith and Brian B. Hunt

Illuminating Asset Value at Mad Dog through New Seismic Technology,
      Michael J. Staines, Scott Michell, Dean Chergotis, and John Sharp

New Vertebrates from the Paleogene of Eastern Texas,
      Thomas A. Stidham and Tracey Janus

Dependency: The Most Influential Agent in the Room – Its Impact on Prospect Volume Uncertainty and Discovery Chance,
      Mark A. Sykes, Steven N. Salzman, and Kenneth C. Hood

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Discrimination of Volcanic Ash in the Gulf of Mexico Using Trace and Rare Earth Elements,
      Matthew W. Totten Sr, Christina Jones, Iris M. Totten, and Sam Chaudhuri

Middle Miocene Biostratigraphy of the McMurdo Sound Region, Antarctica: The First Diatom Perspective from the ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound Project,
      Eva Tuzzi, Matthew Olney, Christina Riesselman, and David M. Harwood

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Evolution of Tertiary Gulf Coast Marine Vertebrate Faunas,
      Mark D. Uhen

Development of a Chloride Standard Exceedance Map for Louisiana,
      Thomas P. Van Biersel, L. Riley Milner, and Erin Walden

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Groundwater Flow Model of the Presidio and Redford Bolsons Aquifers: Preliminary Results,
      Shirley C. Wade

Ecospace Utilization in High-Diversity Shallow Shelf Marine Communities of the U.S. Gulf Coastal Plain,
      Heather L. B. Wall and Linda C. Ivany

Increasing Understanding by Identifying Uncertainty,
      Thomas J. Wilker

Geopressure Analysis In the Subsalt Knotty Head Field: Deepwater Gulf of Mexico,
      Kenneth E. Williams, Richard Redhead, and William Standifird

Developing the Desired Future Conditions of Aquifers in Groundwater Management Area 8,
      Charles R. Williams, Cheryl Maxwell, and Horace Grace

Building Tomorrow's Cities on Yesterday's Contamination: A Case Study,
      Rosemary Wyman, Mark Zell, Zach Rayburn, and Ryan Hebrink

Growth, Character Development, Relationships and Life Habits of Belosaepia Ungula Gabb (Coleoida) In the Middle Eocene of the North American Gulf Coast,
      Thomas E. Yancey, Christopher L. Garvie, and Mary K. Wicksten

Relating Depositional Facies to the Seismic AVO Response,
      Roger A. Young

Preservation of Echinoid Fossils, Paleocene and Eocene of Texas,
      Louis G. Zachos

Kerogen and Palynomorph Analyses of the Mid-Cretaceous Bahariya Formation and Abu Roash “G” Member, North Western Desert, Egypt,
      Mohamed Zobaa, Carlos Sanchez Botero, Cassandra Browne, Francisca E. Oboh-Ikuenobe, and Mohamed I. Ibrahim

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