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2008 AAPG Eastern Section Meeting
October 11-15, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Search and Discovery Article #90084 (2008)
Posted October 24, 2008

*Special appreciation is expressed to Michael R. Canich, Technical Program Chair, for providing these abstracts for posting on Search and Discovery.

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Gee Whiz Geophysics…But What About the Log Data? Normalizing, Editing, and Supplementing Log, Core and Production Data from 1935 to the Present,
      Jeff S. Arbogast

New Interest in Cores Taken Thirty Years Ago: The Devonian Marcellus Shale in Northern West Virginia,
      Katharine Lee Avary and Jack Eric Lewis

Assessment of Geological Carbon Storage Capacity in the Cambrian Mt Simon Sandstone; Regional Assessment to Site Characterization and Feasibility, an Example from the Michigan Basin,
      David A. Barnes and Diana H. Bacon

The Effects of Hydrothermal Mineralization on Rock Properties and Reservoir Quality in Paleozoic Carbonate Reservoirs, Michigan Basin, USA,
      David A. Barnes, W. B. Harrison III, and G. Michael Grammer

Identifying Electrostatic Interactions in Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Media Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Extended DLVO Theory,
      Michael J. Bower, Tracy L. Bank, and Rossman F. Giese

A National Look at Carbon Capture and Storage - National Carbon Sequestration Database and Geographical Information System (NatCarb),
      Timothy R. Carr

Summit Gas Field, Fayette County, Pennsylvania: Evaluation of Deep Saline Carbon Sequestration Opportunities in the Appalachian Basin,
      Kristin M. Carter and Jaime Kostelnik

The Ontario Phase of the Trenton-Black River Hydrothermal Dolomite Play: Historical Context and Contributions to a Modern Exploration Model,
      Terry R. Carter and Robert A. Trevail

Reassessment of Devonian Reservoirs in Greene County, Indiana,
      Kuldeep Chaudhary and Brian D. Keith

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Comparison of Reservoir Characterization Approaches Used in Models for CO2 Sequestration Within the Illinois Basin,
      James R. Damico, Rex Knepp, John P. Grube, and Scott Frailey

Imaging Extensional Fault Systems Along Foothill Trends,
      M. A. Davies, D. J. Bate, and W. Wheeler

Tectonism, Estimated Water Depths, and the Accumulation of Organic Matter in the Devonian-Mississippian Black Shales of the Northern Appalachian Basin,
      Frank R. Ettensohn

Gas Character Anomalies Found in Highly Productive Shale Gas Wells,
      Kevin Ferworn, John Zumberge, and Jackie Reed

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The Marcellus Shale Play in Pennsylvania – What’s All the Fuss?,
      John A. Harper

Demonstrating Carbon Storage Options in Kentucky,
      D. C. Harris, J. R. Bowersox, D. A. Williams, S. F. Greb, T. M. Parris, B. C. Nuttall, J. A. Drahovzal, and K. G. Takacs

Reservoir Characteristics of the Bass Islands Dolomite in Otsego Co., Michigan – Results for a Saline Reservoir CO2 Sequestration Demonstration,
      William B. Harrison III, David A. Barnes, G. Michael Grammer, and Phil Jagucki

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The Importance of Geological Variability on Petrophysical Properties When Estimating Geological Storage Capacity in the Middle Devonian Dundee Limestone (sensu lato), Michigan Basin, USA,
      J. P. Kirschner and D. A. Barnes

Optimal Development of Utica Shale Gas Wells,
      George J. Koperna Jr., Jonathan Kelafant, and Vello A. Kuuskraa

Unraveling the stratigraphy of the Oriskany Sandstone: A Necessity in Assessing its Site-Specific Carbon Sequestration Potential,
      Jaime Kostelnik and Kristin M. Carter

An Organic Geochemistry Database—Evaluating the Marcellus Shale and Other Potential Petroleum Source Rocks in Pennsylvania,
      Jaime Kostelnik and Christopher D. Laughrey

Six Days Burning: Geology & Petrology of an Upper Devonian Well Fire Jefferson County, Pennsylvania,
      Cary P. Kuminecz

Potential for Prolific Reef-Related Reservoirs in the Sangamon Arch, West Central Illinois,
      Yaghoob Lasemi and Beverly Seyler

Silurian Carbonate Reservoirs of the Mount Auburn Trend Along the Sangamon Arch, West-Central Illinois,
      Yaghoob Lasemi and Beverly Seyler

Marcellus Shale Subsurface Stratigraphy and Thickness Trends: Eastern New York to Northeastern West Virginia,
      Gary G. Lash and Terry Engelder

Sulfate Mineralization, Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction, and Burial Diagenesis in Ordovician and Silurian HTD Reservoirs, Central Appalachian Basin,
      Christopher D. Laughrey

Thermal Maturity of Devonian Black Shale-Gas Reservoirs, Northwestern Pennsylvania – Evidence from Organic Petrology, Geochemistry, and Mineralogy,
      Christopher D. Laughrey

Mississippi Valley-Type Lead-Zinc ore Deposits, Hydrothermal Dolomite and Hydrocarbon Reservoirs,
      David Leach

Development of a Large-Scale CO2 Sequestration Site in the Illinois Basin,
      Hannes E. Leetaru, Scott M. Frailey, and James R. Damico

Geologic Characterization of the Helderberg Group as a Confining Layer for CO2 Sequestration,
      Eric J. Lewis, Ronald R. McDowell, Katharine L. Avary, and Kristin M. Carter

Integrated Rock Physics Studies and 3D Seismic Surveys to Evaluate CO2 Sequestration in the SACROC Field, Texas,
      Brian Lipinski, Christopher Purcell, William Harbert, Yee Soong, Robert McLendon, Robert Hardage, Rebecca Smyth, Igor Haljasmaa, Dustin McIntyre, and Sinisha Jay Jikich

A Genetic Link Between Hydrothermal Dolomite and MVT Mineralization in Eastern Wisconsin,
      John A. Luczaj

Hydrothermal Dolomitization - Yet Another Overblown Bandwagon?!,
      Hans G. Machel and Jeff Lonnee

Detailed Surface Structure Starting Point for Understanding Deep Appalachian Geology,
      Philip L. Martin

New York's Response to Climate Change on New York: Monitoring, Reducing and Sequestering Carbon Dioxide,
      John P. Martin and Amanda D. Stevens

The Utica Shale Play of Eastern New York,
      John P. Martin, Richard E. Nyahay, James Leone, and Langhorne B. Smith

Re-Os Isotopic Evidence for Cenozoic Hydrothermal Activity in the Central Pennsylvanian Valley and Ridge Province,
      R. Mathur, D. Gold, B. Scheetz, F. Barra, M. Wilson, C. Elsworth, and A. Doden

Facies and Depositional Setting for the Speechley Sandstone of the Upper Devonian Lock Haven Formation in the Subsurface of Western Pennsylvania,
      Patrick S. McBride, Philip J. Morath, Edward A. Frame, and Roy W. Lynch Jr.

Depth Relationships in Porosity and Permeability in the Mount Simon Sandstone of the Midwest Region: Applications for Carbon Sequestration,
      Cristian R. Medina, David A. Barnes, and John A. Rupp

Horizontal Development in the Appalachian Basin Devonian Shale,
      Joseph L. Morris

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Coal at the Illinois Basin Tanquary Site,
      D. G. Morse, A. Anderson, S. M. Frailey, M. Mastalerz, J. A. Rupp, and S. Harpalani

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Trade-Offs for Injecting Carbon Dioxide,
      P. R. Neal, Y. Cinar, and W. G. Allinson

Analysis of Pore Architecture within a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Correlation to Sonic Velocity Values in Silurian (Niagaran) Reefs of the Michigan Basin,
      Amy Kathryn Noack and Michael G. Grammer

Integrated Characterization and Potential of the Utica Shale in New York State: Is it the Next Big Thing?,
      Richard E. Nyahay, Langhorne B. Smith, James Leone, and John P. Martin

Origin and Distribution of Natural Gas in Devonian Black Shales, Northern Appalachian Basin,
      Stephen Osborn and Jennifer McIntosh

Development of Non-Shale Reservoirs in the Appalachian Basin Using Horizontal Drilling Techniques,
      James A. Pancake, Scott McCallum, and Chris Zinn

Regional Geology of the Middle Devonian Marcellus Shale, Appalachian Basin,
      Douglas G. Patchen and Katharine Lee Avary

Basin-Scale Hydrologic Impacts of CO2 Sequestration; Scaling Calculations Using Sharp Interface Theory,
      M. Person, A. Banerjee, J. Rupp, P. Lichtner, M. Celia, C. Gable, and R. Pawar

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Using ArcGIS to Estimate Thermogenic Gas Generation Volumes by Upper and Middle Devonian Shales in the Appalachian Basin,
      Jackie Reed, David Dunbar, and Stephen Brown

Tools to Evaluate the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Mesozoic Basins, North Carolina, USA,
      Jeffrey C. Reid and Kenneth B. Taylor

The Ohio Geological Survey CO2 No. 1 Well Provides Valuable Data for Both Sequestration and Exploration,
      Ronald A. Riley, Larry H. Wickstrom, and Douglas J. Mullett

Evaluating the Controls on Reservoir Heterogeneity of Silurian Pinnacle Reefs, Michigan Basin,
      Audrey L. Ritter and Michael G. Grammer

Evidence for Paleo-Fluid Flow Westward from the Appalachian Basin,
      E. L. Rowan, J. E. Repetski, and R. T. Ryder

Geochemical Risk Assessment of the Marcellus Shale — A Case Study of the Houser Unit #1 Well, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania,
      Tim E. Ruble

A Regional Geologic Cross Section Through the Appalachian Basin from near the Findlay Arch, Erie County, North-Central Ohio, to the Valley and Ridge Province, Bedford County, South-Central Pennsylvania,
      Robert T. Ryder, Michael H. Trippi, Christopher S. Swezey, Robert D. Crangle, Jr., Rebecca S. Hope, Elisabeth L. Rowan, and Erika E. Lentz

Recent Improvements in Production Methods in Nora Coalbed Methane Field, Southwestern Virginia,
      Luke Schanken, Michael J. Kovarik, Taylor Vactor, and Craig A. Eckert

Facies Control on Reservoir Quality, Albion-Scipio Trend, Michigan Basin,
      Jennifer Schulz and G. Michael Grammer

In-situ U-Th-Pb Microprobe Dating of Authigenic Monazite and Xenotime in the Potsdam Sandstone, Eastern New York: A New Approach to Dating Hydrothermal Fluid Flow and Dolomitization,
      Bruce Selleck, Michael Williams, and Michael Jercinovic

Carbon Sequestration Potential and Natural Gas Plays in Cambrian Strata of Western New York State,
      Brian Slater, Alexa Stolorow, Langhorne Smith, and Richard Nyahay

Hydrothermal-Seawater Mixing Zone Dolomite: A Hypothetical Model for Widespread, Pervasive Dolomitization,
      Langhorne Smith and Graham Davies

Integrated Characterization of the Devonian Marcellus Shale Play in New York State,
      Langhorne Smith, Richard Nyahay, James Leone, and John Martin

The Making of a High-Porosity, High-Permeability Reservoir—The Murrysville Sandstone of Pennsylvania,
      Richard Smosna and Melissa L. Sager

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Regional Geochemical Evaluation of the Ordovician Utica Shale Gas Play in Quebec,
      Robert Theriault

Analogs to the Marcellus Shale Provide Effective Methods for Determining Gas Shale Properties,
      Lee Utley and Mark Franklin

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Log Analysis of Legacy Marcellus Borehole Logs,
      John Ward

Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential and CO2 Sequestration in the Michigan and Northern Appalachian Basins Region,
      Lawrence H. Wickstrom, Ronald A. Riley, John A. Harper, David A. Barnes, Katharine Lee Avary, Brandon C. Nuttall, and Richard E. Nyahay

Integration of Structural Analysis with Microseismic Fracture Mapping,
      Sherilyn C. Williams-Stroud

Sequence Stratigraphy and 3-D Reservoir Characterization of a Silurian (Niagaran) Reef - Ray Reef Field, Macomb County, Michigan,
      Jessica L. Wold, Michael G. Grammer, and William B. Harrison

Marcellus Shale – Regional Overview from an Industry Perspective,
      Gregory R. Wrightstone

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