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AAPG Hedberg Research Conference
Basin Modeling Perspectives: Innovative Developments and Novel Applications

May 6-9, 2007, The Hague, The Netherlands

Search and Discovery Article #90066 (2007)
Posted June 28, 2007

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Deepwater Source Models and Their Integration into 3D Petroleum Systems Modelling: A Case Study from Deepwater NW Sabah, Malaysia
Peter Abolins and Azlina Anuar

4D Modeling of the Interaction between Salt Tectonic Processes and Dynamic Deposition Systems at Passive Margins from the Shelf to the Deepwater Slope
Juergen Adam, Csaba Krezsek, and Djordje Grujic

Heavy Oil-the Final Frontier! Practical Basin- and Reservoir-Scale Simulation of Biodegradation Using 1 to 3D Models to Effectively Predict Reservoir Fluid Properties
Jennifer Adams, Christopher Neufeld, Dan Carruthers, and Steve Larter

High Performance Computing for Darcy Compositional Single Phase Fluid Flow Simulations
L. Agélas, I. Faille, S. Wolf, and S. Réquéna

Coalification, Gas Generation and Migration in Donets Basin (Se Ukraine): 2D and 3D Modelling Study
D. Alsaab, M. Elie, R.F. Sachsenhofer, et al.

2D Modeling of Overpressure in a Salt Withdraw Basin, Gulf of Mexico, USA
Jeff Alwardt, Eric Michael, and Chuck Shearer

Predicting Rock Mechanical Properties of Carbonates from Wireline Logs: A Case Study - Arab-D Reservoir, Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia
Mohammed S. Ameen, Brian G.D. Smart, and J. Mc. Somerville

Halten Terrace South – 3D Fluid Flow Modelling of Multiple Source Rocks and Reservoirs
Kristian Angard and Øyvind Sylta

Using CO3 Decompositional Kinetic Parameters to Model the Generation and Expulsion of CO2 in the Malay Basin, Malaysia
Azlina Anuar and M Jamaal Hoesni

Mudstone Pore Systems: Controls and Implications for Fluid Flow
Andrew C. Aplin, Kuncho D. Kurtev, and Julian K.S. Moore

Integrating 3D Structural Modeling, Surface Restoration and Fracture Characterization in a Deep-Water Gravity Gliding Context (Campos Basin, Brazil)
Mário Araújo, Rodrigo Dias Lima, Fernanda Guilardi, et al.

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Forward Modeling of Deepwater Outcrop Geobodies to Enhance Seismic Interpretation of Fluid and Lithology
Kathleen Baker and Mike Batzle

Basin Modeling Study of the Anaran Block, Iran — Pre-Drill Predictions and Post-Drill Results
Balazs Badics, Arne Sigurd Steen, and James Efstathiou

Stochastic Evaluation of Fluvial to Marginal Marine Sealing Facies
S.A. Barboza, R. Alway, T. Akpulat, et al.

Teclink 3D: A New Approach for Petroleum Systems Modeling in Fold and Thrust Belts – A Case Study from Bolivia
Friedemann Baur, Thomas Fuchs, Emilio Rocha, et al.

Contributions of Early Basin Deformation Heritage on the Creation of Complex Reactivated Fractured Zones in Carbonate Reservoirs
Loïc Bazalgette and Jean-Pierre Petit

*New IFP Compositional Kinetics of Oil Generation and Degradation
Françoise Behar and François Lorant

Experimental and Natural Compaction of Clays and Shales: Consequences for Stress and a Fluid Flow
Knut Bjørlykke, Nazmul Mondol, Chris Peltonen, et al.

Crustal-Scale Geometries and Architecture Along the Northeastern Brazilian Margin Based on Integrated Analysis of Seismic Reflection and Potential Field Data and Modelling
O.A. Blaich, F. Tsikalas, and J.I. Faleide

Biodegradation in Numerical Basin Modelling: A Case Study from the Gifhorn Trough, N-Germany
I.O. Blumenstein, B.M. Krooss, R. di Primio, et al.

Combination of Fluid Inclusion Data and Basin Modeling for the Reconstruction P,T,X,T Conditions in Cretaceous Oil Carbonate Reservoir from Gulf of Mexico
J. Bourdet, J. Pironon, G. Levresse, and J. Tritlla

Have Many Large Sedimentary Basins Originated in the Thermal Metamorphism of Their Lower Crust Due to Hotspot Heat Sources? The North German Permian Basin in a Global Review
Heinz-Juergen Brink

Direct Inversion of Permeability
Geert Brouwer

Paleo Heat Flow in North American Late Paleozoic Foreland Basins: Constraints From Permian Basin of West Texas
Alton A. Brown

Evaluation of CO2 Storage Capacity, Leakage Mechanisms and Injector Well Placement in a Giant Oilfield at Late Stage of Production
John R. Bunney and Stephen J. Cawley

The CO2 Sealing Efficiency of Caprocks
Andreas Busch, Sascha Alles, David Dewhurst, and Bernhard M. Krooss

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Evolution of the Central European Basin System (CEBS) During the Mesozoic: Results from Stress Modeling
Mauro Cacace, Ulf Bayer, and Anna Maria Marotta

4D Modeling of Salt Sediment Interaction during Diapir Evolution
Jean-Paul Callot, Daniel Rondon, Christophe Rigollet, and Jean Letouzey

An Experimental Study into the Effect of Water Pressure on Maturation and Hydrocarbon Generation: Implications for Modelling Hydrocarbon Generation in Geological Basins
A.D. Carr, C.E. Snape, W. Meredith, et al.

Geometric-Based Simulation of Multi-Component, Multi-Phase Migration
Dan Carruthers and Christopher Neufeld

Coupled Reservoir Simulation and Basin Models - Reservoir Charging and Fluid Mixing
Dan Carruthers, Zhangxin Chen, Steve Larter, et al.

Incorporating Organic and Inorganic Chemical Change into Basin Models
Lawrence M. Cathles III

Parameterization of Mudrock Properties for Pre-drill Pressure Prediction via Burial History Models
Michael Cheng, Jennifer Wolters, Raleigh Blumstein, et al.

Thermo-Mechanical Models for Basin (De)formation: Beyond the Mckenzie Model
S. Cloetingh, J.D. van Wees, and F. Beekman

Predictive Modelling of the Evolution of Geological Structures: Upscaling from Bench-Scale Experiments - The Influence of Compaction and Pore Pressure
A.J.L. Crook, S.M Willson, and J.G. Yu

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Using 2D Petroleum Systems Modeling (TecLink®) in Complex Tectonic Settings - Application to the Greater Cusiana Field, Colombia
Laurent de Walque, Carolyn Lampe, and Daniel Palmowski

Clay Rich Fault Gouge in Low Clay Content Reservoirs: Implications for Predictive Fault Seal Evaluation
Dave Dewhurst, Ben Clennell, Julian Strand, et al.

Fluid and Pressure Evolution in HPHT Settings of the Central Graben, North Sea
R. di Primio, V. Neumann, R. Ondrak, et al.

Petroleum Systems Modelling as a Screening Tool in the Evaluation Cycle, A Case Study From the Helgeland Basin, Mid-Norway
S. Döring, K.C. Fischer, U. Möller, and B. Ujetz

Kinematic and Mechanical Models of Complex Deformations: Toward a Coupled Solution
Fred Dula and Tony Crook

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NE Atlantic Breakup and Evolution of the Norwegian-Greenland Conjugate Volcanic Margins
J.I. Faleide, F. Tsikalas, A.J. Breivik, et al.

*Bridging the Gap between Basin Modeling and Structural Geology
W. Fjeldskaar

Integration of a Crustal Stretching Model into the Workflow of Basal Heat Flow Calibration
Thomas Fuchs, Christian Zwach, Armin Kauerauf, et al.

Lithospheric Heat Flow and Isostacy
Annette Fugl

A Rapid Approach for Probabilistic Prospect Charge Assessment - With Examples from Taranaki Basin, NZ
R.H. Funnell, M. Geddes, and P.G. Scadden

Methane and Ethane Generation from Oil Secondary Cracking in High Pressure-High Temperature Reservoirs: Isotopic Modelling Based on 13C Labelled Compounds
Luc Fusetti, Françoise Behar, Kliti Grice, and Sylvie Derenne

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*Sampling Methods to Determine Optimal Models, Model Resolution and Model Choice in Earth Science Modelling Problems
Kerry Gallagher, Soren Nielsen, Karl Charvin, et al.

Modelling the Impact of Pleistocene Glacial Periods on Permafrost, Gas Hydrates, and Pt-Effects in the Reservoir of the Mittelplate Oil Field, Northern Germany
S. Grassmann, B. Cramer, G. Delisle, et al.

Coupling Pore-Pressure and Stress Modeling: An Approach to Model Stress Impact from Faults
Arnt Grøver

Are Basin Models Better Suited to Predict Reservoir Overpressures than Analytical Formulas?
X. Guichet, G. Smagghe, J-L. Rudkiewicz, and C. Sejourne

2D and 3D Finite Element Restorations of Geological Structures with Sliding Contact Along Faults
M.L.E.Guiton and C. Zammali

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The Effect of CO2 Injection on the Compaction Creep Behaviour of Granular Feldspar Aggregates
S.J.T. Hangx and C.J. Spiers

Spatial and Temporal Thermal Variations in Deformed and Denudated Foreland-Fold-and-Thrust Belt – A Case Study from the Southern Canadian Cordillera
N.J. Hardebol and J.-P. Callot

Structural Uncertainty and Scenario Modelling for Fault Seal Analysis
Simon Harris, Steve Freeman, Rob Knipe, et al.

The Effects of Energy Balanced Metamorphic Reactions and Far-Field Tectonic and Gravitational Forces on Basin Formation
E.H. Hartz, Y.Y. Podladchikov, S. Medvedev, and J.I. Faleide

Interactive Map-Based 3D Migration Modeling Approach to Ranking of Exploration Prospects
Zhiyong He

Rifting and Heat Flow: Why the McKenzie Model is Only Part of the Story
Zhiyong He, Steven G. Crews, and Jeff Corrigan

Stress and Fracture Prediction with Reservoir-Scale Geomechanical Models
Andreas Henk

Crossing the Disciplines: Similarities and Differences of Modelling of CO2 Sequestation and Modelling of Oil and Gas Migration
Christian Hermanrud, Silje Berg, Ola Eiken, et al.

Integration of 3D Migration Modelling and Seismic Facies Analysis – Danish North Sea
M. Hertle, M. De Lind Van Wijngaarden, A. Kauerauf, et al.

Modeling Diffusion Dominated Non-hydrocarbon Distributions in Gas Reservoirs
P.J. Hicks, Jr., S.A. Barboza, and R.J. Pottorf

3D Gravity Modelling and Subsidence Analysis in the Orange Basin, Southwest African Continental Margin
K. Hirsch, M. Scheck-Wenderoth, D.A. Paton, et al.

The Significance of Chemical Compaction in Modeling the Overpressure in the Malay Basin
M. Jamaal Hoesni, Richard E. Swarbrick, and and Neil R. Goulty

Geophysical Pressure Prediction in The Presence of Multiple Pressure Mechanisms with Applications to Deep Wells
Alan R. Huffman

Symmetry, Width, and Differential Thinning of Passive Margins, Insights from Dynamical Modelling: Implications for Heatflow and Subsidence History
Ritske S. Huismans and Christopher Beaumont

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From Mud to Shale - Mechanical and Chemical Compaction of Mudstones
Jens Jahren, Knut Bjørlykke, Øyvind Marcussen, et al.

Challenges for 3D Basin Modeling in Complex Areas: the GASPE Belt Pilot Project
A. Jardin, M. Thibaut, M. Beche, et al.

Seismic Inversion Techniques as Aids in Basin Modeling
R. Jonk and R. Saltzer

Concepts and Models for the Formation of N2-rich Natural Gas Reservoirs
Anke Jurisch, Bernhard M. Krooss, Ralf Littke, et al.

Basin Modeling Route to Seismic Inversion
Marek Kacewicz

Petroleum Fluid Characterization and PVT-Calibration in Basin Modeling
Armin Kauerauf and Rolando di Primio

Better Prediction of Fluid-flow Modeling - Multi-Component Modeling of Petroleum Migration and Accumulation
Armin Kauerauf,Thomas Hantschel, and Robert Tscherny

Structural Modeling to Optimise Basin Analysis
Armelle Kloppenburg, Alan Gibbs, and Serena Jones

Along-Fault Flow Processes and Prediction
Rob Knipe, Steve Freeman, Simon Harris, et al.

Reducing the Need for Up-Scaling: High Resolution 3-D Modeling of Reservoir Processes
Marcin Krotkiewski, Marcin Dabrowski, and Yuri Y. Podladchikov

An Integrated Approach to Salt Basin Analysis
Peter A. Kukla and Janos L. Urai

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From Sediments Deposit Modelling to Accumulations Prediction and Risk Evaluation: An Innovative Workflow Integrating Stratigraphic Modelling Outcomes into Basin Models
Jean-Marie Laigle and Frederic Dartois

A New Integrated Resource Assessment and Exploration Charge Risk Model for the North Slope of Alaska
Carolyn Lampe, Kenneth E. Peters, Leslie B. Magoon, and Kenneth J. Bird

Creating Topologically Consistent Meshes Describing 3D Geometries Arising in Geological Modelling of Faulted Regions
Jay E. Leonard, Tom Schutter, Barrie Wells, et al.

Effect of CO2 Injection on Compaction of Carbonate Rocks
Emilia Liteanu, Chris Spiers, and Colin Peach

Subsidence, Mass and Heat Transfer in the Central European Basin System: A Large-Scale Basin Modelling Study
R. Littke, M. Resak, S. Nelskamp, et al.

Basin Modeling and Petroleum System Analysis for the Aim of Minimizing Exploration Risks
N.V. Lopatin, N.A. Malyshev, N.N. Kosenkova, and T.P. Emets

Full 3D Compositional Study of the Franklin Field, North Sea
François Lorant, Françoise Behar, Jean-Marie Laigle

Including the Effects of Groundwater Flow in Thermochronological Studies: A Sensitivity Analysis of the Thermal Effects of Recharge Rates
Elco Luijendijk, Marlies ter Voorde, Ronald van Balen, et al.

Petroleum Systems Modelling in the Simeulue Forearc Basin off Sumatra
Rüdiger Lutz, Kai Berglar, Christoph Gaedicke, and Dieter Franke

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Deep Structure of the Continent-Ocean Transition Zone from 3D Gravity Modelling at the Norwegian Continental Margin (Vøring and Møre Basins)
Yuriy Maystrenko and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth

A Control-Volume Finite Element Method for Multiphase Fluid Flow in Basin Modeling
Ulisses T. Mello, José Roberto P. Rodrigues, and André Rossa

The Importance of Wide-Angle Seismic Data for Models of Extensional Basins
T.A. Minshull, D.J. Shillington, C.L. Scott, et al.

Prediction of Mechanical Compaction in Mudstones and Its Implication for Basin Modeling
Nazmul Haque Mondol, Knut Bjørlykke, Jens Jahren, et al.

Cross-Section Balancing – Surface Restoration – Volumic Restoration: All These Tools Exist, Now What to Do with Them?
Isabelle Moretti

Influence of Structural Deformation on Temperature Distribution Through Time – Is Palinspastic Reconstruction Worthwhile?
Fausto Mosca, Ana Krueger, and Ed Gilbert

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Geothermal Setting of the Gulf of Mexico
Seiichi Nagihara

Basin Modeling on Formation of Methane Hydrate Including Generation and Migration of Microbial Methane
Akihiko Okui, Ryosuke Aoyagi, Martin Schoell, and Tetsuya Fujii

Combining 2D-Basin and Structural Modeling to Constrain Heat and Mass Transport Along the Muroto Transsect, Nankai Trough, Japan
R. Ondrak, C. Gaedicke, and B. Horsfield

Impact of Stress Perturbations nearby Salt Bodies on Fault Stability: Examples from Reservoir Geomechanics
B. Orlic, J.D. van Wees, and F. Mulders

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Fluid Properties: Density and Interfacial Tension (IFT) - Quantitative Impact on Petroleum Column Capacity Evaluation in Exploration and Production
Andy Pepper

Improving Subsalt Imaging Using 3D Basin Model Derived Velocities
Stephan Petmecky, Martin L. Albertin, and Nick Burke

Advective versus Conductive Heat Transfer during Development of the Lublin Basin (SE Poland) – Constraints from Maturity Modelling and Fluid Inclusion Analysis
Pawel Poprawa and Michal M. Zywiecki

Petroleum System Modeling of the Southern Malay Basin, Malaysia
Mahadir Ramly

Multi-Component Modelling of Hydrocarbon Charges: Challenges and Developments
Ulrich Ritter, Hans Borge, Are Tømmerås, and Hermann M. Weiss

Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration and Accumulation Related to Igneous Intrusions: An Atypical Petroleum System from the Neuquen Basin of Argentina
Felipe Rodríguez, Héctor J. Villar, and Roger Baudino

Some Keys to Hydrocarbon Mass Balance at Basin Scale
J.L. Rudkiewicz, B. Carpentier, and M. Thibaut

3D Hydrocarbon Migration in Alternate Sand- Shale Environment through Percolation Technique
Paolo Ruffo, Anna Corradi, Antonio Corrao, and Claudio Visentin

Automated Reconstruction of the Tectonic and Thermal History of the Northern Viking Graben Using Two-Dimensional Tectonostratigraphic Forward Models
Lars H. Rüpke, Stefan M. Schmalholz, Dani Schmid and Yuri Y. Podladchikov

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Play Analysis of the Middle Jurassic of the Danish North Sea, an Integrated Basin Modeling Study
D. Schwarzer, T. Fronval, L.F. Clausen, and R. Ensley

Quantifying the Effect of Mantle Phase Transitions and Application to the Vøring Basin, Off-Shore Norway
Nina S.C. Simon, Lars H. Rupke, and Yuri Y. Podladchikov

Practical Kinetic Modeling of Petroleum Generation and Expulsion
John G. Stainforth

Seismic velocity modeling of the Southern California Coastal Basins: Methods and Applications
M. Peter Suess, Carlos Rivero, John H. Shaw, and Jeroen Tromp

Ray-Tracing Approach Constrained by Capillary Pressures in a Multi-Drain System: Application to Reconcavo Basin, NE Brazil
Caroline Sulzer, François Lorant, and Luiz Felipe Coutinho

Faults as Hydrocarbon Phase Filters and Dynamic Seals
Øyvind Sylta

Integration of 3D Burial History and Calibrated Sandstone Diagenesis Models for Mapping of Reservoir Properties
T.R. Taylor, M.R. Giles, G.S. Yardley, et al.

Physical Properties of Shallow Sediments in Late Pleistocene Formation, the Ursa Basin, Gulf of Mexico, and Their Implication for Generation and Preservation of Shallow Overpressures
Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh and Tomochica Tokunaga

Sensitivity Analysis Methods for Basin Modeling
Bryan Travis

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Aspects of 3D Basin Modeling of The Dutch Central Graben Area
J.M. van Buggenum, F.F.N. van Hulten, and P.W. Gibson

Probabilistic Tectonic Heat Flow Modelling for Basin Maturation: Method and Applications
J.D. van Wees, F. van Bergen, P. David, et al.

Integrated Analysis of Western Nile Delta Petroleum Systems, Egypt Simulation of Coupled Evolution of Pore Pressure, Fluid Flow, Compaction and Temperature; Consequences for Correct Temperature and Maturity Prediction in Unexplored Areas and Unconventional Basin Settings
Hanneke Verweij, Petra David, Monica Souto Carneiro Echternach, et al.

Calibration and Uncertainty Assessment of Environmental Models: Methods and Applications
Jasper A. Vrugt and Bruce A. Robinson

How to Model the Thermal Evolution of Extensional Sedimentary Basins and Passive Margins
Nicky White, Glyn Edwards, and John Haines

An Effective Basin Model for Pore Pressure Evaluation
Kenneth E. Williams and Arkady G. Madatov

AMG Preconditioning for Sedimentary Basin Simulations in TemisTM Calculator
F. Willien, I. Chetvchenko, R. Masson, et al.

3D Stratigraphic Modelling in Complex Tectonics Area
S. Wolf and D.Granjeon

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Pressure Modelling: Where It All Goes Wrong
Gareth S. Yardley and Brent Couzens

True Integrated 3D Basin Modelling Application: A Case Study by BHPBilliton of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Perdido Foldbelt
Alan Yu, David Risch, and Peter Gale

Critical Evaluation of Uncertainty Quantification Approaches for Large Scale Subsurface Problems
Dongxiao Zhang

Stochastic Prospect Charge Evaluation – Old Challenges and New Solutions
Christian Zwach and Kristian Angard

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