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Previous HitAfrica'sNext Hit Expanded Role as a Resource Base for Tomorrow

Bob Fryklund1, Andrew Hayman2, and Pete Stark3
1IHS Inc, Houston, TX
2IHS, Geneva, Switzerland
3IHS, Denver, CO

Previous HitAfrica'sNext Hit Expanded Role as a Resource Base for Tomorrow
Previous HitAfricaNext Hit is emerging as a key provider of the world's future energy with more than 2 mmbopd expected to be added in the near term. Angola has recently join Nigeria and Libya as an OPEC member. Leading the way has been exploration, particularly deepwater West Previous HitAfricaNext Hit. In addition, Previous HitAfricaNext Hit is consolidation and harnessing once unwanted gas with major LNG projects underway or recently completed in Egypt, Nigeria, Angola and Equatorial Guinea. Closing fast is work on field growth particularly in North Previous HitAfricaNext Hit where tremendous resource adds lie in fields in Libya and Algeria.
Many factors, both technical and commerical, are responsible for Previous HitAfrica'sTop rise. This paper will examine the key factors, such as exploration, and provide a scorecard for several of the key plays and regions.
Incorporated in our analysis will be a look at the major challenges such as the capitol cost dilemma, access and market constraints.
Finally we will provide a glimpse at what the future might hold with a review of new plays and trends, both technically and commerically, including a look at the inventory of discovered undeveloped in select key areas such as Nigeria.


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