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Seal Characterization by Integrated 3D Seismic and Well Previous HitDataNext Hit: CO2 Storage-Casablanca Previous HitFieldNext Hit (Offshore Spain)

Claudia Bertoni1, Tomas Vallaure1, Adela Herra1, and Koldo Gorocica2
1Repsol-YPF, Madrid, Spain
2Repsol-YPF, Madrid, Spain

The mature Casablanca oil Previous HitfieldNext Hit is a karstified and fractured reservoir located in the NW Mediterranean Sea (offshore Spain). A viability study of CO2 injection and long-term safe storage in this Previous HitfieldNext Hit is currently under evaluation by Repsol-YPF in collaboration with the IFP and within the European Union CASTOR Project.
This work uses integrated seismic and well Previous HitdataNext Hit for the definition of the Static Seal Model of the Casablanca Previous HitfieldNext Hit, and focuses specifically on the Seal Integrity technical risk factor. The main aim is the definition of the sealing rocks architecture in order to identify any potential leaking system for the stored CO2 in the Casablanca reservoir. To achieve this objective, semi-regional 3D seismic and well Previous HitdataNext Hit have been interpreted over the Casablanca Previous HitfieldNext Hit and the Tarragona Trough. Eight recently acquired and vintage seismic surveys have been used to produce a detailed semi-regional seismic interpretation and attribute analysis.
The first results evidence a potential CO2 leaking system at the western faulted flank of the Casablanca Previous HitfieldNext Hit. The components of this system are: 1) Messinian channelised sandstone bodies, 2) Miocene Castellon Sandstones topsets, and 3) an up-to-the-seabed fault system located 20 km west of the Previous HitfieldNext Hit. We will present and discuss the impact of each of these components on the viability of the long-term CO2 storage project. Ultimately, this study is an Previous HitexampleTop of how 3D seismic analysis can be routinely used in an integrated workflow for the risk evaluation of CO2 management projects in structurally complex mature reservoirs.


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