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Previous HitStratigraphicNext Hit Framework and Petroleum Systems of the Guajira Basin, Offshore Northern Colombia


Ramirez, Victor O.1 (1) University of Alabama and Ecopetrol - Colombia, Tuscaloosa, Alabama,USA, AL


The Guajira Basin is located in the northern part of Colombia, partially onshore and offshore into the Caribbean Sea. Results of more than 50 years of exploration in the Guajira Basin show it as a typical biogenic gas province. However, the integration of recent geochemical and geological data from the deep offshore area supports the Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit for several petroleum systems, involving thermogenic generation of hydrocarbons


The Previous HitstratigraphicNext Hit section recorded includes Jurassic and Cretaceous units with both petroleum source and reservoir rock potential. The Tertiary interval, Eocene to Upper Miocene, accounts for the majority of the Previous HitstratigraphicNext Hit section in the basin, and the main reservoir intervals recognized are Oligocene carbonates and siliciclastics, Lower Miocene calcareous sandstones and Upper Miocene sandstones.


Hydrocarbon occurrences in wells and gas production from fields, along with the Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit of geophysical (mainly seismics), geological and geochemical information, have resulted in the recognition of four petroleum systems in this basin:

MacaraoSiamana P.S. (.) (Eocene-Oligocene in the northeastern part of the basin); Tertiary – Jimol/Uitpa P.S. (.) (Lower Miocene reservoirs producing in the gas fields); Castilletes-Castilletes P.S. (?) (reservoir potential in Upper Miocene deep water clastic environments); and Mesozoic-Cretaceous P.S. (?) (reservoirs as fractured Cretaceous limestones, with analogy from Venezuelan Mara-La Paz fields).


Sequence stratigraphy Previous HitinterpretationTop from the onshore and platform areas towards the deep offshore areas provides the framework for modeling the petroleum systems in the Guajira Basin. Sequence stratigraphy, combined with petroleum system analysis, constitutes an important element in the appraisal of exploration opportunities in this Colombian area.


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