--> AAPG Pacific Section, Abstracts, May 8-10, Anchorage, Alaska, AAPG, #90058 (2006).

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Pacific Section, AAPG

Joint Meeting with Cordilleran Section, GSA, and West Region, SPE

Anchorage, Alaska, May 8-10, 2006


Search and Discovery Article #90058 (2006)

Posted September 12, 2006


*Appreciation is expressed to Gregory C. Wilson, General Co-Chair, Pacific Section, AAPG, Sandra Phillips, Technical Program Co-Chair, Pacific Section, AAPG, and Nancy Carlson, GSA, for making the abstracts for the Pacific Section sessions and its joint sessions with the other participating societies available for posting on Search and Discovery. The abstracts for all sessions are available on GSA’s website at http://gsa.confexcom/gsa/2006CD/finalprogram/.





Relationship between Composition of Kerogen and Their Activation Energy Distributions for the Generation of Petroleum in Block NC-X Eastern Sirte Basin - Libya

Idris Abdulhamed R. Abulkhier


Fluvial Channel Architecture and Depositional Setting of the Tuscan Formation, Chico, California

Ryan D. Alward, Steven T. Springhorn, and Morgan D. Sullivan


Middle Devonian to Early Mississippian Paleogeography and Its Influence on Structural Style, Eastern Brooks Range

Arlene V. Anderson and W.K. Wallace


Openhole Horizontal Completions in Niger Delta

James Ohioma I. Arukhe, R.J. Senyk, Nuhu Adaji, O.A. Adu, et al.


Efficiency of Miscible Displacement in Fractured Porous Media

Tayfun Babadagli and Japan Jitendrabhai Trivedi


Searching for the Allochthon/Parautochthon Boundary: Using Landsat for Stratigraphic and Structural Mapping, Eastern Brooks Range, Alaska

Rebecca D. Bailey and A. Prakash


Geometry and Kinematics of Asymmetric, Thrust-Truncated Folds, Upper Marsh Fork Area, Eastern Brooks Range, Alaska

Rebecca D. Bailey and Wesley K. Wallace


Clasts from Well Cores and Palynology Suggest a Mid to Late Turonian Age for the Avak Impact Feature Near Barrow, Alaska

Arthur C. Banet, Jr, J.P.G. Fenton, and David Buthman


North Alaska Upper Cretaceous Tephra: Eurasian Or North American Source Calderas?

Steven C. Bergman, V.V. Akinin, John Decker, Elizabeth Miller, and Paul Layer


Thermal Maturity and Timing of Deformation in the Foreland Basin At Kurupa Anticline, Brooks Range Foothills, Alaska

K.J. Bird and M.J. Pawlewicz


Depositional Environments of the Upper Cretaceous Prince Creek Formation, Kikak-Tegoseak Dinosaur Site, North Slope, Alaska

Erik D. Brandlen, Paul J. McCarthy, Peter P. Flaig, and Anthony R. Fiorillo


Badami Field: Recent Advances in Understanding and Managing a Challenging Brookian Reservoir - An Integrated Geologic and Engineering Approach

William L. Bredar and John A. Whitney


Reduction Procedures and Implications of a High-Resolution Gravity Traverse in the Brooks Range Foothills, Alaska

Philip J. Brown, II, Richard W. Saltus, Paige R. Peapples, Robert F. Swenson, et al.




Magnetic Glacial and Fluvial Sediments in the Holitna Basin and Other Cenozoic Basins in Alaska - Relevance for the Aeromagnetic Search for Hydrocarbons

John W. Cady


Tahiti: Development Strategy Assessment Using Design of Experiments and Response Surface Methods

Patricia Elva Carreras, Scott Edward Turner, and Gwendolyn Tharp Wilkinson


An Integrated Approach to Beluga and Tyonek Reservoir Evaluation in Cook Inlet

Andy C. Clifford


Trapping Styles As a Key to Future Exploration Success in a Mature Forearc Basin - the Cook Inlet of Alaska

Andy C. Clifford


Siberian Connection of Precambrian Through Triassic Rocks of Arctic Alaska

James G. Clough and Robert B. Blodgett


Stratigraphy and Depositional Setting of Subsurface Nonmarine Tertiary (Miocene) Sedimentary Rocks, Fort Yukon, Alaska

James G. Clough, Arthur C. Banet, Jr, Jesse G. White, and Rocky R.Reifenstuhl


A Geophysical Transect Across the Arctic Ocean Collected from the US Coast Guard Icebreaker Healy

Bernard Coakley, Yngve Kristoffersen, and John Hopper


Full Field Reservoir Description and Numerical Simulation of Aurora Oil Reservoir, North Slope of Alaska

James D. Copen, Manmath Nath Panda, Steve R.Carhart, and James P. Young


Allocyclic Controls on Late Quaternary Sedimentation in the Eastern Gulf of Santa Catalina, Offshore Southern California

Jacob A. Covault, William R. Normark, and Stephan A. Graham


Identification & Characterization of Faults & Folds Using Borehole Electrical Images

Robert J. Davis


Put River Sandstone – Low Cost Reservoir Appraisal in a Mature Field

James Dean, Jeffrey T. Pietras, Roger Sels, Alex Yancey, et al.


Prudhoe Bay Field – Cornerstone of North Slope Gas Resources

Eric R. Ding and Gordon Pospisil


A Geophysical Survey of the Mendeleev Ridge, Processing Steps and Interpretation

Dayton Dove, Bernard J. Coakley, and John Hopper


Paleogeographic and Metallogenic Implications of Phosphatic Rocks in the Lisburne Group (Permian-Carboniferous), Northern Alaska

Julie A. Dumouli, Michael T. Whalen, Anita G. Harris, and John F. Slack


Evolution and Timing of Fractures and Related Map-Scale Structures of the Central Brooks Range Fold-And-Thrust Belt, Northern Alaska

Alec S. Duncan, Cathrine L. Hanks, Wesley K. Wallace, Paul B. O’Sullivan, and T.M. Parris




Neogene Retroarc Basin Development, Bristol Bay Basin, Alaska Peninsula

Emily S. Finzel, Kenneth D. Ridgway, Rocky Reifenstuhl, Paul Decker, et al.


Soft Computing Algorithms Accelerate and Improve the  History Matching Process: Elk Hills, 29R Reservoir

Tuba Firincioglu, Cetin Ozgen, William Jay O’Brien, Alejandro Albertoni, et al.


Geophysical and Geologic Evidence That Amerasia Basin, Arctic Ocean Was Created by Two Phases of Anti-Clockwise Rotation

Arthur Grantz and Patrick E. Hart


Fracture Characterization in the Miocene Monterey Using Resistivity Imaging, Interval Testing, and Dipole Sonic Techniques

Steve Grayson, Ted W. Carlsen, Marc J. Kamerling, and Cheryl Blume


Real-Time Methane Production from Coal: Implications for a Sustainable Energy Resource in Subsurface Coalbeds

Steve H. Harris, Charles E. Barker, and Richard L. Smith


Compilation of Subsurface Indications of Oil and Gas, North Slope, Alaska

Daniel O. Hayba, C. Garrity, K.J. Bird, and D. Polyak


Estimating Lithologic Compositions from Digital Mud Logs Across the North Slope of Alaska

Daniel O. Hayba and W. Matthew Burns


Reservoir Quality and Petrophysical Model of the Tarn Deep-Water Slope-Apron System, North Slope, Alaska

Kenneth P. Helmold, Wayne J. Campaign, William R. Morris, Douglas S. Hastings, and Steven R. Moothart


Cold Climate Fluvial Processes: An Integrated Study of the Colville River, Alaska

Erin E. Hess, Anupma Prakash, and Paul McCarthy


The Eureka Canyon Oil Field: A Case History

Bruce H. Hesson


Early Cretaceous to Tertiary Evolution of the Colville Foreland Basin – Linked Tectonics and Sedimentation

David W. Houseknecht


Natural Gas Resources of Arctic Alaska

David W. Houseknecht and Kenneth J. Bird


Regional Reservoir Characterization in the Appraisal of the Alaskan Heavy Oil Resource

Erik J. Hulm, Rick G. Matson, Katherine Pattison, Steve Vittoratos, and Chris C. West


Gas Hydrate Resource and Regional Development Potential, Alaska North Slope

Robert Hunter, Scott James Wilson, and Scott A. Digert




The Sagwon Bluffs Paleocene Depositional Environment, Vegetation and Ecology

David W. Jolley, Alexei B. Herman, Maria G. Moiseeva, Anders Ahlberg, and Robert A. Spicer


The Application of Artificial Neural Networks With Small Data Sets: An Example for Analysis of Fracture Spacing in the Lisburne Formation, Northeastern Alaska

Danial Kaviani, Thang D. Bui, Jerry L. Jensen, and Catherine L. Hanks


Gas Shale Exploration At the Red Dog Mine, Alaska

J. Kelafant, J. Booth, and P. Glavinovich


Variation in Petroleum Source-Rock Potential of the Kingak Shale, North Slope Alaska: Geophysical Log Analysis Informed by Rock-Eval Pyrolysis

Margaret A. Keller


Deciphering Lower Cretaceous Mudstone of Alaska's North Slope: High-Resolution Studies of Lithofacies and Sequence, Depositional Processes, and Petroleum Source-Rock Potential

Margaret A. Keller and Joe H.S. MacQuaker


In Situ Stress and Fractures in the Colville Basin, Alaska

Alfred Klek and Catherine Hanks


Linking Time and Geometry With Petroleum Distribution — Applied 4d Petroleum Systems Modeling Within the Alaska North Slope

Carolyn Lampe, Kenneth E. Peters, Leslie B. Magoon, and Kenneth J. Bird


Devonian - Carboniferous Paleogeography and Orogenesis in Arctic Yukon and Adjacent Alaska

Larry S. Lane


Age and Provenance of the Neruokpuk Formation, Northeastern Brooks Range, Based on Ar-Ar and U-Pb Geochronology

Larry S. Lane and P.W. Layer


Facies Stacking Patterns in Storm-Influenced Delta Front and Shoreface Successions, Nanushuk Formation, Central North Slope, Alaska

David L. Lepain, Paul J. McCarthy, and Russell Kirkham


Beluga River Gas Field Geocellular Model: Modeling a Complex Fluvial Reservoir

Rick A. Levinson, Mark H. Scheihing, Peter Delaney, Claude Scheepens, et al.


Reflections on the Nuka Formation and Other Related Rocks in the Western Brooks Range, Alaska

Christopher J. Lewis


Three Big North Slope Surprises

Christopher J. Lewis


Orion and Polaris Viscous Oil Developments: Integration and Modeling of Horizontal Multi-Lateral Wells

Aaron R. Liesch, Jonathan D. Williams, Sandra Phillips, Kurt J. Cooney, et al.


Oil Types of the Alaskan North Slope—A Progress Report

Paul G. Lillis, Kenneth E. Peters, and Leslie B. Magoon




Partitioning of Imbricate Thrusting and Inversion in the Central Brooks Range and Foothills, Northern Alaska

M.R. McDonough, H. Balkwill, J. Bever, and J. Lukasik


Arctic Paleogeography and Plate Tectonic Evolution of the Amerasian Basin

Elizabeth L. Miller, Jaime Toro, and George Gehrels


Combining Magnetic Susceptibility With Traditional Lithostratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, and Sequence Stratigraphy to Improve the Stratigraphic Resolution of Upper Devonian Carbonates in Western Canada

Rebecca J. Missler and Michael T. Whalen


Detrital Zircon U-Pb Ages from Foreland Basin Deposits of the Western Brooks Range, Alaska

Thomas E. Moore, Paul B. O’Sullivan, and Christopher J. Potter


Reinterpretation of the Tact Seismic Profile and the Crustal Architecture of the Brooks Range

Thomas E. Moore, Gary S, Fuis, Christopher J, Potter, and Paul B, O’Sullivan


Gravity and Seismic Expression of the Southern Yukon Flats Basin, East-Central Alaska

Robert L. Morin and Richard G. Stanley


Slope Aprons-A Key Reservoir Type in the Brookian, North Slope, Alaska

William R. Morris


History of Brooks Range Exploration and Discovery: A Personal Perspective

C.G. Mull


Evidence for Overpressured Tight Gas in Brookian and Beaufortian Sediments, Brooks Range Foothills of Arctic Alaska

Philip H. Nelson, Kenneth J. Bird, and David W. Houseknecht


Microfossil (Foraminifera and Ostracoda) Assemblages, Upper Pliensbachian to Lower Toarcian Stratigraphy, Palaeobiogeography and Biofacies of the Arctic Basin

Boris Nikitenko and Michael B. Mickey


Sediment Provenance - a Circum-Arctic Perspective

Jenny E. Omma, Robert A. Scott, Andy Morton, Victoria L. Pease, et al.


Timing of Brooks Range and North Slope Uplift and Denudation: A Summary of the Fission-Track Results

Paul B. O’Sullivan, Thomas E. Moore, Wesley K. Wallace, and Christopher J. Potter



New Detailed (1:63,360-Scale) Mapping of the Brooks Range Northern Foothills, Siksikpuk River Area, Central Brooks Range, Alaska

P.R. Peapples, Robert Swenson, Marwan A. Wartes, Wesley K. Wallace, et al.


Origin and Generation Timing of Cook Inlet Petroleum: Circum-Arctic Chemometrics and 1-D Geohistory Modeling

Kenneth E. Peters, Leslie B. Magoon, and Travis Hudson


Use of a New Circum-Arctic Chemometric Model to Study Mixtures of Shublik and Younger Oils in Northern Alaska

Kenneth E. Peters, Kenneth J. Bird, John E. Zumberge, L. Scott Ramos, and Donald L. Gautier


Reanalysis of Gravity Data for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Northeastern Alaska

Jeffrey D. Phillips, Christopher J. Potter, and Richard W. Saltus


Petroleum Potential of East Siberia

Neil N. Piggott, Alexey Guryanov, Robert W. Jones, and Thomas X. Homza


Frontal Detachment Folds on Alaska's North Slope

Christopher J. Potter and Thomas E. Moore


Bristol Bay Basin, Alaska Peninsula, Frontier Hydrocarbon Basin: New Insights

Rocky Reifenstuhl


Tuluvak Formation (Upper Cretaceous): Reservoir Characterization of Fluvial-Deltaic Outcrop Sandstone

Rocky R. Reifenstuhl


Stratigraphic and Provenance Record of Neogene Foreland Basin Develoment, Tanana Basin, Central Alaska Range

Kenneth D. Ridgway, Evan E. Thoms, Paul W. Layer, and James M. White


Brooks Range of Alaska and East-Venezuelan Cordillera: Revised Comparison

Dietrich H. Roeder and Enrique J. Hung


Geologic Mapping and Structural Analysis to Determine the Evolution of the Darby Mountains Region and Kugruk Fault Zone, Seward Peninsula, Alaska

Geovanni Romero, Jeffrey Amato, and Jaime Toro



Sedimentology of the "Cobblestone Sandstone" of the Fortress Mountain Formation, Central North Slope, Alaska

Christopher J. Schenk and David W. Houseknecht


Exploring the Notion That Crustal Thinning Caused by Subduction Erosion Formed the Prominent Deep-Water Forearc Basin of the Aleutian Terrace

David William Scholl, Holly F. Ryan, and Roland Von Huene


Plate Tectonic Uncertainties in the Central Arctic Ocean and Their Implications for Petroleum Potential on the Russian Arctic Shelf

Robert A. Scott


Structure of Hanna Trough and Facies of Ellesmerian Sequence, U.S. Chukchi Shelf, Alaska

Kirk W. Sherwood


A Dynamic Economic Indicator to Evaluate Sagd Performance

Hyundon Shin and Marcel Polikar


A Hydrostratigraphic Study of the Tuscan Formation

Margaret Skartvedt-Forte


Petroleum Potential of Yukon Flats, East-Central Alaska

Richard G. Stanley, Alison B. Till, Megan K. Simpson, Christopher J. Schenk, et al.


Dynamical Coupling Between Foreland Deposition and Thin-Skinned Thrust-And-Fold Belt Structural Style: Insights from Numerical Models

Glen S. Stockmal, Chris Beaumont, Mai Nguyen, and Bonny Lee


Paleomagnetism, Paleolatitudes and Reconstructions of Northeast Russia and Alaska

David B. Stone


Constraints on Fracture Evolution in the Northeastern Brooks Range Fold-And-Thrust Belt and Colville Basin, Alaska

Andrea L. Strauch, Catherine L. Hanks, Wesley K. Wallace, Paul B. O’Sullivan, and Thomas M. Parris


The Ocloyic (Ordovician) Peripheral Foreland Basin and Accretion of the Argentine Precordillera Microcontinent to Western Gondwana

William A. Thomas and Ricardo A. Astini


Does the Brooks Range Orogen Extend into Chukotka?

Jaime Toro, Elizabeth Miller, and Sergey Katkov


The Mint River Fault: An Extensional Detachment in the York Mountains, Seward Peninsula, Alaska

Jaime Toro, Laura Burnette, Jeffrey Amato, John E. Repetski, and George Gehrels



Adding Heat Without Emissions: Improving Recovery of North Slope Viscous Oil by Hot Source Water Injection

Dennis Urban, Larry Vendl, Samson Xiuxu Ning, and William Mathews


Tale of Two Systems: Oil Potential along the Northern Gulf of Alaska

Gerald K. Van Kooten and Jeff W. Short


Reserve Potential of the Kavik Gas Field, North Slope of Alaska

M.K. Verma, K.J. Bird, P.H. Nelson, and R.C. Burruss


North Slope Basin – What Can Statistics Tell Us

James Veron and David McCaleb


40Ar/39Ar Thermochronology, the Tectono-Thermal Evolution of the Southern Brooks Range Hinterland, and Ties With External Parts of the Orogen

James J. Vogl, Andrew Calvert, and Phillip Gans


Geometry and Evolution of the Frontal Part of an Orogenic Wedge, Central Brooks Range Foothills, Alaska

Wesley K. Wallace, Alec S. Duncan, Paige R. Peapples, Robert F. Swenson, et al.


Slab Detachment—An Explanation for the Mid-Cretaceous Evolution of the Brookian Orogeny, Northern Alaska

Marwan A. Wartes


Enigmatic Permian U-Pb Zircon Ages from Igneous Clasts Found in Mid-Cretaceous Deposits of the Colville Foreland Basin, Northern Alaska

Marwan A. Wartes, Paul B. O’Sullivan, and Alan R. Carroll


Oil Quality Prediction in the West Sak Viscous Oil Field, Alaskan North Slope – Integration With Drilling and Development Planning

Michael R. Werner, R. Scott Redman, David W. Sheley, and Bret C. Chambers


Sequence Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of the Marine (Late Early to Late) Triassic of Arctic Alaska, Implications for Mesozoic Paleogeography and Paleoceanography

Michael T. Whalen, Landon N. Kelly, Hulm Erik, Robert C. Burruss, and Julie Dumoulin


Simultaneous Carbonate Platform Progradation and Drowning, Lisburne Group, Eastern and Central Brooks Range, Alaska

Michael T. Whalen, Julie Dumoulin, Jeff J. Lukasik, and Jesse G. White


Accumulation History, Facies Analysis, and Reservoir Potential of the Carboniferous Lisburne Group, Upper Nanushuk River Drainage, Central Brooks Range, Alaska

Jesse Garnett White and Michael T. Whalen


Heat Flow and Geothermal Resources of the Alaskan Interior

Colin F. Williams, S. Peter Galanis, Frederick V. Grubb, and John H. Sass


Lateral and Vertical Marine to Fluvial Transitions in the Upper Part of the Upper Cretaceous Tuluvak Formation, North Slope, Alaska, Including a Possible Example of a Marine Gilbert-Type Delta

Gregory C. Wilson, William R. Morris, and Rocky Reifenstuhl