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AAPG Foundation 2004 Grants-in-Aid Projects

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Analysis of Geologically Fractured Terrain Using Remote Sensing and GIS
by Sumanjit Aich

Kinematic Reconstruction of a Triassic Syndepositional Detachment Fault, Ischigualasto Provincial Park, Northwestern Argentina
by Tony Albrecht

Three-Dimensional Fluvial Architecture and Reservoir Modeling of the Green River Formation (Eocene), Southwest Uinta Basin, Utah
by Jessica Moore Ali-Adeeb

Structural Analysis of Soft-Sediment Deformation in a Paleo-Submarine Slump and Slide Complex and Prediction of Overlying Deep-Water Sandstone Architecture
by Robert Amerman

Seasonal Variation in Fine-Scale Tidal Sedimentation Across Supratidal New England Salt Marshes 
by Brittina Argow

Origin of Asymmetric Thrust-Truncated Folds: Testing Kinematic Models Against Natural Examples, Upper Marsh Fork Area, Eastern Brooks Range, Alaska
by Rebecca Bailey

Permian Carbonate Precipitation in the Magnesian Reef, Northeastern England
by James W. Bishop

Comparative Studies of Modern, Quaternary and Ancient Seaways: Building Depositional Models for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production - A Review
by Stuart Blackwood

Experimental Analysis of Hybrid Fracture in Berea Sandstone
by Jennifer Bobich

The Influence of Salt on the 3D Geometry and Evolution of Inversion Structures
by Jennifer Elder Brady

The Role of Clay Minerals in the Preservation of Organic Matter; A Study of The Late Neoproterozoic Doushantuo Formation, South China
by Thomas Bristow 

Development of a Stage IV Calcium Carbonate Soil at Mormon Mesa, Nevada
by Amy Brock

Standing Crop versus Sediment Assemblages of Large Benthic Foraminifera in Sea-Grass Habitats at San Salvador, Bahamas
by Olivia Claire Buchan

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Coal-bed Methane in the Raton Basin, Colorado and New Mexico: Thermal Effects of Mafic Intrusions on Coal Maturation and Coal-bed Methane Generation
by Jennifer Cooper

The Tectonics of Tranquitas: A Field Study of Rift through Passive Margin Development and Laramide Deformation in Triassic and Jurassic Strata of the Sierra Madre Oriental, NE Mexico
by Matthew H. Davis and Robert K. Goldhammer

The Effect of Clays and Soil Properties on the Bioremediation of Soils Contaminated with Pentachlorophenols
by Esther Don-Pedro

Structural and Stratigraphic Compartmentalization at Cave Gulch Field, Wind River Basin, Wyoming
by Kimberly Doupe

Facies Architecture and Provenance of Ancient Dryland River Systems in the Eocene Wilkins Peak Member of the lacustrine Green River Formation, Wyoming
by Kuwanna Dyer

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Influence of Quartz Cementation and Lithic Sand Grains on Porosity and Permeability in the Agbada Sandstones of the Rio Del Rey Basin, Cameroon
by Victor Eseme

Timing of Thrusting in the Nyainqentanglha Shan of Southeastern Tibet
by Matthew Fabijanic

Stratigraphic Packaging and Syndepositional Extensional Tectonism: a Preliminary Study of the Dolomia Principale, the Dolomites, N. Italy
by Robert M. Forkner

Characterization and Timing of Sediment Fluxes to Continental Slopes of the Coral Sea during the Late Quaternary
by Jason M. Francis

3-D Geologic Modeling and Fracture Interpretation of the Tensleep Sandstone, Alcova Anticline, Wyoming
by Nathaniel Gilbertson

Shortening in the Flanking Structures of Stepovers along Strike-Slip Fault Systems: An Example from the Aksai Restraining Stepover along the Altyn Tagh Fault, NW China
by Ryan Gold

Outcrop Characterization, 3D Geological Modeling, ”Reservoir” Simulation and Upscaling of Jackfork Group Turbidites in Hollywood Quarry, Arkansas
by Camilo Goyeneche

Jurassic to Tertiary Basin Inversion in Southern South America
by Gabriel O. Grimaldi

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Using LIDAR Imaging to Analyze Fluvial Stacking Patterns in the Lower Castlegate Sandstone, Helper, UT
by Elizabeth Hajek

Structural Geology and Geomorphology of the Chaochou Fault, Southern Taiwan
by Lauren Hassler

The Use of Modern Burrowing Organisms to Determine the Paleoenvironmental and Paleoclimatic Significance of Continental Ichnofossils in the Eocene-Oligocene White River Formation, Northeastern Colorado, USA
by Daniel Hembree

Using the Indian Creek Natural Gas Field as a Potential Analog for CO2 Storage
by Adrian Hughes

Quantitative Analysis of the Deformational History and Timing of the Sierra Madera Impact Structure, West Texas
by Sarah Huson

Characterizing Brittle Deformation, Damage Parameters, and Clay Composition in Fault Zones: Insights from the Chelungpu, Taiwan and Mozumi, Japan Fault Zones
by Angela Isaacs

Investigation of Microbially Mediated Clay Mineral Transformation
by Deb P. Jaisi

Middle Cretaceous Planktonic Foraminifera Assemblages from the Aptian/Albian Boundary of Nizna Unit (Western Carpathians)
by Štefan Józsa

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Lower Paleozoic Stratigraphy and Reservoir Architecture of the Western North China Block
by Benjamin J. Kessel

Integrating Physical Models and 3D Seismic: Geometry and Kinematic Analysis of Contractional Structures Above a Salt Detachment
by Richard Kilby

Sequence Stratigraphy of Skinner (Desmoinesian) Strata Between the Verdigris and Tiawah Limestones, Northeast Oklahoma 
by Jeanette King

Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Assessing Top-Seal Quality in the Muderong Shale, Carnarvon Basin, Australia
by Gillian Kovack

Permeability Prediction in Marine-Eolian Sediments Using Multivariate Analysis and Nonparametric Regression
by Yumei Li 

A Geological Model for CO2 Storage within the Otway Basin
by Kaia Little

Micro- and Mesoscale Reservoir Compartmentalization of a Sandy Braided River; Lower Jurassic Kayenta Formation
by Ranie M. Lynds

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Quantifying Undiscovered Oil and Gas: A Probabilistic Predictive Model and Evaluation Using GIS Compatible Tools; Weights of Evidence, Logistic Regression, an Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic
by Beatrice Maré-Jones

Lower Triassic Sulfur Chemostratigraphy: Investigating the Biotic Recovery from the End Permian Mass Extinction
by Pedro Marenco

Depositional Systems of the Duba Basin During Cenozoic Thrusting along the Southern Margin of the Lunpola Basin System, South-Central Tibetan Plateau
by Joseph Minervini

Late Tertiary and Quaternary Evolution of the Northeastern South American Margin
by Lorena Moscardelli, Lesli Wood, and Paul Mann

3D Strain at Transitions in Foreland Arch Geometry: Structural Modeling of the Beartooth Arch - Rattlesnake Mountain Transition, NW Wyoming
by Thomas Neely

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Sequence Stratigraphy of Salt Mountain Limestone in Alabama and Mississippi: Implications for Aquifer and Petroleum Reservoir Quality and Distribution
by Marsha Meinders Patelke

Rare Earth Element (REE) Analysis of Fossil Vertebrates for Interpretation of Paleoenvironments and Stratigraphic Correlation
by Doreena Patrick

Effect of Scale on High-Gradient Carbonate Slope Deposition
by Ted E. Playton

Barremian-Aptian Facies Diversity around the Tethys Realm: Global Oceanic Factors vs. Local Physiographic Conditions
by Camilo Ponton 

Source-rock Analysis of the Lower Member of the Lewis Shale, Washakie Basin, Wyoming
by Adriana V. Rigoris

The Role of Organic Matter-Clay Mineral Assemblages on the Transportation and Sequestration of Organic Matter
by Amelia C. Robinson 

Newly Discovered Outcrops of the Viking Formation in the Central Foothills of Alberta: Potential Analogs for Subsurface Reservoirs
by Xavier Roca

A Microstructural Study across the Extension to Shear Fracture Transition in Carrara Marble
by Erika Rodriguez

Foraminifera Analysis of Long-term Surface Uplift History of the Incipient Banda Arc-Continent Collision, Rote and Savu Islands, Indonesia
by Nova Roosmawati

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Evaluating Controls on the Formation of Niagaran Pinnacle Reefs in the Michigan Basin: A Sequence Stratigraphic Approach
by Anthony E. Sandomierski

Structural Geology and Evolution of the Shipwreck Trough, East-Central Otway Basin, Southeastern Australia
by Craig L. Schneider

Hyperspectral Imaging of a Paleohydrocarbon Seep System in the Panoche Hills, California
by Erica Schneider

A Geochemical Study of Permian Marine Cements: Investigating Changes in Ancient Seawater Chemistry 
by Elizabeth Smith

The Old Fort Point Formation, an Organic-Rich Deep-Water Deposit in the Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup, Western Canada
by Mark Smith

Fracture Evolution in a Fold-and-Thrust Belt and the Associated Deformed Foreland Basin: An Example from the Northeastern Brooks Range and the Eastern Colville Basin, Alaska
by Andrea Loveland Strauch

Investigations into the Stability, Morphology and the Crystal Structure of Structure I and II Methane-Ethane Clathrate Hydrates
by Kimberly Tait

Petrophysical Analysis of Vuggy Porosity in the Shuaiba Formation of the United Arab Emirates
by Surassawadee Tanprasat

The Earliest Freshwater Trace Fossils and Their Depositional Environment in the Early Silurian (Llandoverian) Lower Massanutten Sandstone of Virginia
by Alexandru M. F. Tomescu

Testing New Organic Geochemical Evidence for Sea Surface Temperature Changes at the Onset of the Messinian Salinity Crisis
by Courtney Turich

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Paleoceanographic Conditions of the Michigan Basin in the Silurian as Revealed from Stable Isotopic Composition of Brachiopod Shell Material
by Peter Voice

Carbon Isotope Chemostratigraphic Records from Well Cuttings for Global Correlation of Non-marine Sections
by Jessica H. Whiteside

Deformation of the Stratigraphic Column to Basement Involved Structure at Hamilton Dome, Hot Springs County, Wyoming
by Leyton Woolf

Modeling of Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration Processes in Carboniferous Strata of Selected Well Profiles in Lublin Graben
by Magdalena Wróbel



Late Cenozoic Basin Evolution along the Yellow River Corridor, Qinhai Province, China and the Development of the NE Tibetan Plateau 
by Xiangyang Xie

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