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Yang, Jie1, Jie Zhang1, Yingping Li2, Fran Doherty2, James Jackson2 
(1) GeoTomo, Houston, TX 
(2) VSFusion, Houston, TX

ABSTRACT: 3D Visualization of VSP Solutions

We have developed a 3D visualization tool specifically for vertical Previous HitseismicNext Hit profiling (VSP) solutions. 3D VSP visualization applications often involve multiple datasets with a large number of different types of property parameters, including grid-based velocity models, layer models, surface Previous HitseismicNext Hit volumes, VSP migration image volumes, log Previous HitdataNext Hit, interpretation results, and many more. Interpretive integration of these multiple datasets will better characterize reservoir structures. Viewing and interpreting this Previous HitdataNext Hit requires the interactive manipulation of multiple Previous HitdataNext Hit volumes in a highly efficient fashion. VSP volumes generally cover a smaller, but overlapping segment of the 3D Previous HitseismicNext Hit volume. The desire to Previous HitdisplayNext Hit 3DVSP volumes within the larger 3D surface Previous HitseismicNext Hit volume complicates visualization control. Simultaneous 3D VSP and surface Previous HitseismicNext Hit visualization requires the capability to handle all of the Previous HitdataNext Hit information in a simple and robust manner. Our objective is to simplify the Previous HitdisplayNext Hit control while still offering the geophysicist a great deal of flexibility for Previous HitdataNext Hit Previous HitdisplayNext Hit and manipulation. 
Applying Java 3D technology, we have implemented a portable 3D VSP visualization package that can be operated on multiple computer platforms. Users may import any dataset and Previous HitdisplayNext Hit all of them right away. To adjust Previous HitdisplayNext Hit parameters or any objects properties, the user simply selects the object and a uniform control panel will appear for making changes. This simple convention is maintained for all types of objects, making the tool very user friendly. Other capabilities include creating movie files, saving the current Previous HitdisplayNext Hit, and creating 3D stereo displays with a one-button click. We will demonstrate the application using synthetic Previous HitdataNext Hit, as well as actual Previous HitdataTop acquired in the Gulf of Mexico to show that this is a simple yet powerful geophysical tool.


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