--> Abstract: Upper Jurassic Transgressive-Regressive Sequences, Mississippi Interior Salt Basin, by Ernest A. Mancini, Jamal Obid, and T. Markam Puckett; #90032 (2004)

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Upper Jurassic Transgressive-Regressive Sequences, Mississippi Interior Salt Basin

Ernest A. Mancini, Jamal Obid, and T. Markam Puckett
Center for Sedimentary Basin Studies and Department of Geological Sciences, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Three transgressive-regressive sequences of 7 to 10 million years in duration are recognized in Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous non-marine, marginal marine and marine strata of the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin. These Oxfordian to lower Valanginian sequences consist of transgressive and regressive sections separated by a surface of maximum transgression. The transgressive section includes a lower aggrading interval and/or an upper backstepping interval, and the regressive section is comprised of an infilling interval.

The Oxfordian to lower Kimmeridgian sequence consists of fluvial and eolian lower Norphlet, transgressive-aggrading deposits; shoreface upper Norphlet and subtidal lower Smackover, transgressive-backstepping sediments; and shoal and shoreface upper Smackover and sabkha lower Buckner, regressive-infilling beds. The lower Kimmeridgian to Tithonian sequence includes subaqueous (saltern) upper Buckner, lagoonal lower Haynesville, and shallow marine middle Haynesville, transgressive-backstepping deposits and marginal marine upper Haynesville and marginal marine and coastal plain Shongaloo, regressive-infilling sediments. The Tithonian to lower Valanginian sequence consists of marine shelf Dorcheat, transgressive-backstepping beds and marine shelf Dorcheat and shoal and reef Knowles, regressive-infilling deposits.

The transgressive and regressive sequences have utility for regional correlation across the northern Gulf of Mexico. The Oxfordian Smackover, Kimmeridgian Haynesville, and Berriasian Cotton Valley marine flooding events have potential for global correlation.

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