--> Abstract: New Field Discoveries in Chandeleur Sound, Offshore Louisiana, by Chacko J. John, Bobby L. Jones, Brian J. Harder, Reed J. Bourgeois and M. Byron Miller; #90032 (2004)

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New Field Discoveries in Chandeleur Sound, Offshore Louisiana

Chacko J. John, Bobby L. Jones, Brian J. Harder, Reed J. Bourgeois, and M. Byron Miller
Louisiana Geological Survey, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Phillips Petroleum Company discovered the first oil and gas field in the Chandeleur Sound Area, offshore St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. There have been twenty-two subsequent discoveries. Since the last field discovery in 1994 renewed activity has resulted in four new field discoveries during 2002, three during the first half of 2003 and restored production in two older fields. New discoveries are located in Chandeleur Sound Blocks 26, 31, 67, 68, Chandeleur Sound Addition Blocks 27, 51, and Chandeleur Sound West Block 28. A total of 29 oil and gas fields have been discovered as of June 30, 2003. Typical representative fields are Blocks 58, 71, the Stuards Bluff field and East Stuards Bluff field. These are discussed in detail.

Hydrocarbon production depths generally range from 5,038 feet to 9,300 feet with production from three to six zones in the Bigenerina humblei, Cibicides carstensi and Textularia W biozones of Middle to Upper Miocene age. Structures in the area are mostly fault closures against a large, down to the south, regional growth fault that strikes east to west. Detailed analyses of old and new geological and geophysical information plus advances in modern technology have brought forth this surge of success even in the undeveloped areas of the Sound and the Sound Addition to the north.

The primary objective has been exploration of the Middle Miocene Textularia W zone. New productive Textularia W sands have also been found in two old depleted fields. This finding should renew interest in re-evaluating the older fields and exploring for new ones in this trend.

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