--> Abstracts, 2002-2003 AAPG Distinguished Lectures, #90015 (2003).

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2002-2003 AAPG Distinguished Lectures


Search and Discovery Article #90015


Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Architecture of Deep-Water Reservoirs: New Data, Tools and Concepts, by Timothy R. Garfield

Evaluating Seal Potential of Top and Intraformational Seals, by John G. Kaldi

Upstream of Upstream: Preparing Professionals for the Petroleum Industry, by John G. Kaldi

 Seals and Leaks in Dynamic Petroleum Systems: The East Java Sea, Indonesia and the Timor Sea, Australia, by John D. Kaldi, Geoffrey W. O’Brien, and Tomasz Kivior

Rocks, Holes and the Fire Brigade: Understanding the Pore Geometry of Reservoir Rocks, by John G. Kaldi and C. Vavra

Fun with Dip! The Predictive Use of Dip Data to Improve the Interpretation of Fold Traps, by Charles F. Kluth

Subsurface Risk and Uncertainty Assessment In Petroleum Exploration - The Challenges, by Gordon Knox

Ways of Working and Organization in Exploration, by Gordon Knox

Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy - Future Directions for Exploration and Development, by J.F. “Rick” Sarg

Predictability of the Stratigraphic Record from the Outcrop to Multiple Seismic Attributes--Past, Present, Future, by J.F. “Rick” Sarg

Sequence Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Economic Importance of Evaporites and Evaporite-Carbonate Transitions, by J.F. “Rick” Sarg

Tectonic Evolution of the Altaids and Continental Evolution in Asia in the Paleozoic and Mesozoic, by A.M. Celal Sengor

Tectonic Evolution of the Tethysides, by A.M. Celal Sengor