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Rocky Mountain Section AAPG 2002 Meeting, Laramie, Wyoming

Search and Discovery #90004 (2002)


Evolution of a Tectonically Active Coastline: Lessons from Santa Cruz, California, by Robert S. Anderson, Lesley A. Perg, Peter N. Adams, Michael G. Loso, Nan Rosenbloom, and Kirsten M. Menking


Enhanced Recovery from a Tight Gas Sand through Hydraulic Refracturing: Codell Formation, Wattenberg Field, Colorado, by Thomas J. Birmingham, D. M. Lytle, and R. N. Sencenbaugh


The Fruitland Formation Coal-Bed Methane Field of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado -- Multiple Discrete Reservoirs, by Bradford C. Boyce, Brent Hale, and James E. Fassett


Spider Maps: Linking Structural Subtleties to Stratigraphic Intervals, by Nicholas K. Boyd and Ronald C. Surdam


The Geology of the Gibson Gulch Gas Unit, Piceance Basin, Garfield County, Colorado, by Jonathan R. Cantwell


Shelf-Edge Trajectory as a Predictive Tool for Deepwater Sands: Application to the Lance-Fox Hills-Lewis System in the Washakie Basin, by Cristian Carvajal and Ron Steel


Reservoir Diagenesis and Porosity Development in the Upper Ismay Zone, Pennsylvanian Paradox Formation, Cherokee Field, Southeastern Utah, by Thomas C. Chidsey and David E. Eby


Alluvial Processes and Sandbody Architecture in the Raton Basin, by Paul R. Clarke, Chris Cornelius, and Peter Turner


Outcrop Characterization of Fluvial Sandbodies in Lower Williams Fork Formation, Coal Canyon Area, Colorado, by Rex D. Cole, Edmund R. Gustason, and Steve Cumella


Interpreting Natural Fracture Patterns in Outcrop in the Raton Basin of Colorado and New Mexico, by Scott P. Cooper, John C. Lorenz, and Russell G. Keefe


Fractures in Strata Overlying a Laramide Thrust: Teapot Dome, Wyoming, by Scott P. Cooper, John C. Lorenz, Laurel B. Goodwin, and Mark Milliken


Lower Eocene Fluvial-to-Lacustrine Strata of the Greater Green River Basin: Relative Timing of Tectonic and Climatic Change in the Generation of Stratigraphic Cycles, by Jeff P. Crabaugh


Coal Bed Methane Development -- Structure Is Still Important, by Richard W. Davis


Interpretation of Upper Muddy Transgressive Shoreline Reservoirs in the Southern Powder River Basin: Development and Application of New Exploration Concepts to a Mature Petroleum Play, by Paul E. Devine


Structural Geometry and Evolution of the Painter and East Painter Reservoir Structures, Wyoming Overthrust Belt, by Joseph Dischinger and Shankar Mitra


A History of Fruitland Formation Coal-Bed Methane Development in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado, by Tom Dugan


An Integrated Approach to Tight Gas Sand Reservoir Evaluation: Examples from the Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation in Mamm Creek Field, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado, by Lesley W. Evans, Steven G. Stancel, and Michael P. Dempsey


The Oil and Gas Reservoirs of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado, by James E. Fassett


Laramide Structural Evolution of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado, by James E. Fassett


The Oil and Gas Reservoirs of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado, by James E. Fassett


Geometries and Kinematics of Laramide Basement-Involved Anticlines, by Amanda B. Fisher and Eric Erslev


Successful High Grading of Coal Bed Methane Prospects with Soil Gas Geochemistry:  Test of Multiple Methods in the Powder River and Raton Basins, by John V. Fontana and James H. Viellenave


3D Balancing of Oblique Backlimb-Tightening Anticlines on the Northeastern Flank of the Front Range Arch, Colorado, by Corey M. Fortezzo, Eric A. Erslev, and Steve Holdaway


Detection of Anomalously Pressured Gas Reservoirs: 2-D Seismic Surveys in the Wind River Basin, Wyoming, by Yuri Ganshin, Ronald C. Surdam, and Zunsheng Jiao


Reactivation of Bedding Planes within Carbonate Thrust Sheets, Sun River Canyon, Sawtooth Range, Northwestern Montana, by Emily M. Geraghty and A. John Watkinson


Geological Perspectives of Global Climate Change, by Lee Gerhard


Coal Stratigraphy and Reservoir Identification in the Powder River Basin Coal Bed Methane Play, by Jimmy E. Goolsby and Andrew K. Finley


Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Muddy (J) Sandstone, Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin, Colorado, by Edmund R. "Gus" Gustason, Stephen A. Sonnenberg, and Terry Patterson


The Mesaverde Formation of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado – A 50 Year Old Gas Field with Significant Remaining Productivity, by Brent W. Hale, Scott Roth, and Laura Daniel


Structural Geology, Seismic Imaging, and Genesis of Jonah Field: A Giant Tight Gas Accumulation, Wyoming, USA, by William B. Hanson, Victor H. Vega, and Dennis L. Cox


The Waltman Shale: An All Purpose Rock Unit, by C.M. Hawkins, R.A. Baugh, G.A. Winter, and D. Donoho


Tectonic and Depositional Controls on Selected Upper Cretaceous Shoreline Morphologies in the Greater Green River and Wind River Basins, Wyoming and the and Wash Basin, Colorado, by Michael L. Hendricks


A History of the Promoted Deal, by Michael L. Hendricks


Horizontal Drilling in the U.S. Williston Basin -- Past, Present, and Future, by Michael L. Hendricks


Petroleum System and Production Characteristics of the Muddy ("J") Sandstone (Lower Cretaceous) Wattenberg Continuous Gas Field, Denver Basin, Colorado, by Debra Higley, David Cox, and Robert J. Weimer


Stratigraphic Controls on Reservoir Strata: A Comparison of Fluvial and Tidal Reservoirs in the Almond Formation, Coal Gulch, Wamsutter, Echo Springs and Table Rock Fields, Washakie Basin, Wyoming, by Brian W. Horn, Timothy A. Cross, Miriam Vielma, and Marcos Zavala


Basement Faults and Their Influence on Marine Sandstone Depositional Patterns and Hydrocarbon Entrapment, Greater Green River Basin, by John C. Horne and S. Parker Gay


The Influence of Basement Linears on Valley-Fill Depositional Patterns and Hydrocarbon Entrapment, by John C. Horne, Richard F. Inden, and William C. Pearson


Integrated Reservoir Characterization for Efficient Exploitation of J Sandstone Reservoir, Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin, by Guonong Hu and Jeffrey C. Simmons


Fractured Shale Reservoirs and Basement Faulting, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado, by A.C. Huffman and D.J. Taylor


The Aeromagnetic Definition of Wrench Faults and Their Influence on Hydrocarbon Entrapment and Production Fairways, by Richard Inden, John Horne, and William Pearson


Depositional Framework of the Upper Cretacous Mancos Shale And Lower Part of the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group, Western Colorado and Eastern Utah, by Ronald C. Johnson


Exploration in the Eastern Greater Green River Basin: An Independent’s Perspective, by Fred C. Julander


Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Uinta-Piceance Province of Colorado and Utah, by M.A. Kirschbaum, R.C. Johnson, S.B. Roberts, M. Henry, T.M. Finn, E.A. Johnson, R.F. Dubiel, L. Anna, R.R. Charpentier, T.S. Collett, T. Cook, R.R. Crovelli, R.D. Hettinger, T.R. Klett, P.G. Lillis, P.H. Nelson, V.F. Nuccio, C.A. Rice, L.N. Roberts, C.J. Schenk, and J.W. Schmoker


Application of Bore Hole Images in the Piceance Basin, by Randy Koepsell, Stephen P. Cumella, and David A. Uhl


Comparison of the Natural Fracture Systems in Low-Permeability Sandstones of the San Juan, Piceance, Raton, and Green River Basins, by John C. Lorenz and Scott P. Cooper


Abandoned Mines, Mountain Sports and Climate Change: Trouble Ahead and Trouble Behind, by Diane McKnight


Imaging Technology Offers Enhanced Interpretation of Teapot Dome Reservoirs, by Mark Milliken and Randy Koepsell


New Exploration Techniques and Opportunities, Denver Basin, by W. Richard Moore


Characterization of Oil Reservoirs in the Lower and Middle Members of the Green River Formation, Southwest Uinta Basin, Utah, by Craig D. Morgan, Thomas C. Chidsey, Kevin P. McClure, and  S. Robert Bereskin


A Preliminary Discussion of Fault Styles in the Southwest Uinta Basin, Utah, by Craig D. Morgan, Kevin P. McClure, S. Robert Bereskin, and Mary McPherson


Stratigraphic Entrapment of Hydrocarbons in the Upper Cretaceous Lewis Shale and Lower Fox Hills Sandstone, Eastern Green River Basin, Wyoming, by David S. Muller and Fabian T. Wirnkar


Detecting and Overcoming Misleading Seismic Amplitude Anomalies in the D Sandstone, Denver Basin, by Monte Naylor and  Bruce Karr


Cleat Property Trends in San Juan Basin Fruitland Formation Coalbed Reservoirs, by Charles R. Nelson


Tierney Field - A New Wamsutter Area Sweetspot, Greater Green River Basin, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, USA, by G. Earl Norris and  Debra H. Phillips


Probabilistic Assessment of Raton Basin Coal Gas Commercial Potential, by Leslie O'Connor and John Seidle


Five Years of Domestic Well Monitoring for a Coal Bed Methane Project Area in the San Juan Basin, by Paul Oldaker


White River Dome Field, Piceance Basin: Basin-Center Gas Production from Coals and Sandstones in the Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation, by Terrilyn M. Olson, Harry Held, Bill Hobbs, Byron Gale, and Robert Brooks


History of Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in the Uinta Basin, Utah, by John C. Osmond


Using 3D Seismic Imaging to Identify Areas of Increased Natural Fracturing in the Basin-Centered, Tight-Gas Sand Play of the Piceance Basin, by Douglas B. Ostby


West Side Canal Gas Field, by John M. Parker and Louis C. Bortz


Aeromagnetic Imaging of Faults in the Piceance Basin Gas Play with Seismic and Drilling Confirmation, by William C. Pearson, David A. Uhl, and Steve R. Moore


Stratigraphic Response to Tectonic Forcing in the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway, Lewis Shale and Fox Hills Sandstone, Wyoming, by David R. Pyles and Roger M. Slatt


Sequence Stratigraphy of the Late Pennsylvanian to Early Permian Honaker Trail and Elephant Canyon Strata, Paradox Basin, Utah and Colorado, by Donald L. Rasmussen and Dalton L. Rasmussen


Drilling History of the Piceance Basin, by Kurt Reinecke


Major Petroleum Systems of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado – Their Relation to Framework Geology and Resource Assessment, by J.L. Ridgley


Structural Framework and Evolution of the Northern Wind River Basin: Implications for Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation, by Daniel D. Schelling and David A. Wavrek


Soil Dust: Big Impact of Tiny Specks, by Eugene Shinn, V.H. Garrison, C.W. Holmes, D.W. Griffin, and C.A. Kellogg


The Benefits and Costs of the Kyoto Protocol, by Jason Shogren


Shallow Gas Systems in Cretaceous Rocks on the Margins of the Williston Basin, by George W. Shurr


Lewis Shale (Wyoming and Colorado) Exploration and Production Issues Related to Stratigraphy, by Roger M. Slatt, Neil F. Hurley, and David R. Pyles


Iodine-129 as a Tracer of Fluids Associated with Hydrocarbon Systems: Results from the Fruitland Formation, San Juan Basin, CO, and from Other Depositional Settings, by G.T. Snyder, Udo Fehn, William C. Riese, Jean E. Moran, William L. Pelzmann, Stephen Franks, and Anthony Gorody


Reservoir Characterization of the Mississippian Sun River Dolomite: Reagan Field, Glacier County, Montana and southern Alberta, by Mark D. Sonnenfeld, K. Lyn Canter, Laura C. Zahm, Lara Conrad, John Parkin, and Craig Siemens


Sheep Mountain Anticline: Backlimb Tightening and Sequential Deformation in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, by Heather I. Stanton and Eric A. Erslev


Nature of the Updip-Downdip Linkage between Fluvial Sheetsands and Their Time-Equivalent Shoreline and Shelf Sands in Some Mesaverde Clastic Wedges, Greater Green River Basin, by Ronald J. Steel and Jeff Crabaugh


A Major's View of Rockies Gas: Focus on Wamsutter in the Greater Green River Basin of Wyoming, by Denise S. Stone and David S Muller


Characterization and Optimization of Tight Gas Frontier Reservoirs along the Central Moxa Arch, Green River Basin, Wyoming, by Stephen D. Sturm, William J. Clark, Barbara F. Keusch, Lesley W. Evans, and  Edward J. Biller


Gas Production Sweet Spots in the Jonah Field, by Ronald C. Surdam, Zunsheng Jiao, and Nicholas K. Boyd


Anomalously Pressured Gas in the Rocky Mountain Laramide Basins, by Ronald C. Surdam, Zunsheng Jiao, and Yuri Ganshin


Controls on Reservoir Quality in the Dad Sandstone, Lewis Shale, Wyoming, by Geoffrey Thyne, Ira Pasternack, Eddy Escalante, and Sarah D'Agostino


Dakota Sequence Stratigraphy, San Juan and Chama Basins, New Mexico, by Peter J. Varney


Environmental Risk Assessment Methods for CBM Development: Cost Effective Ways to Manage Risk, by James H. Viellenave, Anthony W. Gorody, and John V. Fontana


A History of Changing Concepts in Petroleum Exploration and Development, Dakota Group, Rocky Mountain Basins, by Robert J. Weimer


3D Reservoir Characterization and Geostatistical Modeling of Amalgamated Fluvial Channels: Grand Valley Field, Piceance Basin, Colorado, by Jack Wiener and Steve Cumella


3-D And The Minnelusa "C" - Northern Powder River Basin, by Charles D. Wolf and Owen L. Stone


Characterizing Earthquake Hazards in the U.S.: Earth Science and Societal Challenges, by Ivan G. Wong


The Role of the Hanna Basin in Revised Paleogeogeraphic Reconstructions of the Western Interior Sea During the Cretaceous-Tertiary Transition, by Anton F.-J. Wroblewski


Tidal and Brackish-Water Signatures within the Fluvio-Estuarine Sheet Sandstone of the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group in Utah and Wyoming, USA, by Shuji Yoshida and Ronald Steel


Deep Structural Control on Valley Form Geometry in a Low Accommodation Foreland Basin Settings: An Example from the Lower Cretaceous Basal Quartz of Southern Alberta, by Brian A. Zaitlin, Marian J. Warren, Dan Potocki, Lorne Rosenthal, and Ron Boyd