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Monitoring Oil Saturation Change with Carbon/Oxygen Logs in Complex Formations in California and Indonesia

A. Badruzzaman1, D. Julander2, J. Logan3, and T. Zalan4
1Chevron Petroleum Technology Co, San Ramon, CA
2Chevron USA Production Co
3Caltex Pacific Indonesia Inc
4Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc, Bakersfield, CA

This talk will focus on Carbon/Oxygen (C/O) logs acquired in complex formations that fall outside the normal range of reservoir conditions characterized by the service companies. C/O interpretation techniques will be reviewed, and examples in complex formations will be shown from: (a) Lost Hills, California [diatomite], (b) Kern River, California [three-phase fluid saturation conditions: steam/oil/ water], and (c) Indonesia [high-temperature formations]. The examples serve to document what can be achieved in complex reservoir conditions that are less than ideal for C/O logging.

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