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3-D Seismic-Geologic Model of the Sandstones of the Mesaverde Group, North La Barge Field, Wyoming

R. R. Sanguinetti
Colorado School of Mines, Dept. of Geology and Geological Engineering, Golden, CO

The scientific objective of this research is to characterize, seismically and geologically, the sandstones of the Mesaverde Group, North La Barge field, Wyoming. The study employs a 3-D geological model of the structure and stratigraphic architecture, which is based on a previous interpretation of a three-dimensional set of seismic data. This field has an excellent 3-D seismic and well-log data set.

Fault-related fracturing enhances production at North La Barge field. However, the most intensely fractured rocks are associated with reduced reservoir permeability. Subtle vertical faults with little observable offset have been identified with 3-D seismic. Other seismically defined faults are associated with decreased reservoir performance due to local permeability reduction and compartmentalization. In this field, faulting is associated with both enhanced and decreased reservoir performance.

Research procedures include computer modeling and seismicgeologic characterization of the reservoir in order to achieve the stated research objective. By matching the existing data set with three-dimensional seismic data, a 3-D geological model will be constructed. Then, this model will be utilized in the comparative analysis of the existing maps and cross sections. From these results, suitable locations to drill horizontal wells will be proposed.

The Cretaceous Mesaverde Group is a major hydrocarbon-bearing interval. The integration of different information from several disciplines to obtain a geologic reservoir characterization of this reservoir is an attempt to obtain more reliable data for simulation purposes and to develop methodology for the study of other fields or reservoirs with similar characteristics.

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