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Smackover Gray Sand Interpretation - Williamette Industries #1-Alt Well, Bossier Parish, Louisiana

W. Straatmann1, L. M. Larsen2, J. S. Kier3, and D. A. Fenton1
1Samson, Tulsa, OK
2Schlumberger, Shreveport, LA
3Core Laboratories, Houston, TX

The Williamette Industries #1-Alt well located in the Rocky Mount Field, Bossier Parish, Louisiana was a recent successful Smackover Gray Sand test. Image logs, rotary sidewall cores, and a conventional electric log suite were completed over the Gray Sand interval for analysis. As its name suggests, the Gray Sand is a dark gray, finegrained cross-stratified to laminated sandstone. The interpreted depositional environment of the Gray sand interval is lagoonal to nearshore marine to shoreface transition. Image logs reveal ball and pillow structures, bioturbated siltstones, bar and tidal deposits, as well as shell (probable oyster) debris deposits. Natural and drilling induced fractures are also indicated on the logs.

Logs and core photos with interpretations will be presented in poster format. Rose diagrams of sand transport and fracture directions will also be illustrated.

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