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Recent Gas Discoveries and Activity in the Ordovician Trenton/Black River in West Virginia

K. L. Avary
West Virginia Geological & Economic Survey, Morgantown, WV

The discovery by Columbia Natural Resources (CNR) of large volumes of gas in the Upper Ordovician Trenton and Black River limestones in Roane County,WV in the spring of 1999 has led to a flurry of permitting activity. The discovery well, CNR 20097 Frederick C. Parker well (087 4250) was drilled into the Black River and encountered a reported estimated natural open flow potential of 50 MMcfgpd, with a reported rock pressure of 5,750 psi, in an open hole completion from 10,255 to 10,271 feet. A second well in the Cottontree field, the CNR 23975 Juanita Groves et al. well (087 4255) was completed in the fall of 1999. The pay in this well is in the Trenton, at 9,658 to 9,712 feet. The reported natural open flow potential was 28 MMcfgpd, with a reported rock pressure of 4,897 psi.

Over 100 wells in 12 counties have been permitted to the Trenton and deeper zones through March 2001. The West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey has received well records for a total of four wells, three in Roane County and one in Kanawha County. Limited production data suggest that these wells do have substantial reserves. Apparently, the reservoirs are located in highly fractured carbonates within the Trenton and Black River. There seems to be a correlation between the location of the wells and the location of the southeast margin of the Rome Trough.

Information on these wells is being made available on theWVGES website, in the form of a viewable table, and downloadable spreadsheet and GIS files.

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