--> ABSTRACT: Sequence Stratigraphic Distribution and Biostratigraphic Zonation of the Permo. -Triassic Section in Kuwait , by A. F. Douban, G. Al-Sahlan, and J. P. G. Fenton; #90906(2001)

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A. F. Douban1, G. Al-Sahlan1, and J. P. G. Fenton2

1Exploration Department, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Ahmadi, Kuwait
2 Robertson Research International, Llandudno, North Wales, United Kingdom

ABSTRACT: Sequence Stratigraphic Distribution and Biostratigraphic Zonation of the Permo.-Triassic Section in Kuwait

Published stratigraphic data for the pre-Jurassic section in Kuwait are sparse. Because of the general nature of microfossil recovery over large parts of the section, data are sporadic in distribution. As a result the application of existing biozonations was impractical. A significant amount of new biodata have been generated and are used to establish a palynological zonation scheme specific to Kuwait. Microfaunal data are sparse due to the prevalence of non-marine or marginal marine facies throughout much of the section. This precludes the consistent recovery of marine microfaunas required for biozonal application. Application of published palynofloral zonations for the Permo.-Triassic section around the Arabian Peninsula and adjacent areas is difficult, as few of the relevant zonal indices have been encountered and detailed criteria are often limited. The Permo.-Triassic section has been subdivided into stratigraphic sequences, the latter defined using lithological composition, wireline log profiles, depositional environment, stratigraphic relationships with under- and overlying sequences within the established biostratigraphic framework.

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