--> ABSTRACT: South Atlantic Margins-Looking for the Perfect Fit?, by I. Davison, M. Taylor, and M. Longacre; #90906(2001)

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I. Davison1, M. Taylor2, and M. Longacre3

1Earthmoves Ltd, Virginia Water, United Kingdom
2Taylor Exploration Associates Ltd, Twickenham, United Kingdom
3MBL Inc., Denver, CO

ABSTRACT: South Atlantic Margins-Looking for the Perfect Fit?

This study attempts to restore the internal deformation of the African and South American plates, which occurred during and after the continental break-up of the South Atlantic. We have identified at least 58 individual microplates along both margins, which are separated by strike-slip, contractional or extensional zones. Digital maps of the plate mosaic have permitted iterative restoration of the South Atlantic margins back to their pre-drift configuration.

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