--> ABSTRACT: Gas-to-Liquids: Clean Energy For The New Millennium?, by Dennis L. Yakobson; #90906(2001)

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Dennis L. Yakobson1

(1) Rentech, Inc, Denver, CO

ABSTRACT: Gas-to-Liquids: Clean Energy For The New Millennium?

Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) promises to be a transforming oil & gas industry technology. At once, it may hold the key to economic sulfur- and aromatic-free transportation fuels as well as being a means to monetize stranded natural gas resources around the world. Moreover, in this paper, the author(s) discuss the technology's potential to create the "bottomless" refinery as well as convert the world's massive, but hitherto "dirty" coal resources into clean fuels and products via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis combined with combined cycle gasification. Finally, the author(s) discuss the potential intersection of GTL fuels and fuel cells.

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