--> ABSTRACT: Merging Basin and Reservoir Scale Hydrocarbon Flow Modeling, by Bjorn Wygrala, Thomas Hantschel, Michael Hertle, and Christof Keuser; #90906(2001)

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Bjorn Wygrala1, Thomas Hantschel1, Michael Hertle1, Christof Keuser1

(1) IES Integrated Exploration Systems, Juelich, Germany

ABSTRACT: Merging Basin and Reservoir Scale Hydrocarbon Flow Modeling

Basin scale modeling of hydrocarbon migration processes (Petroleum Systems Modeling) and reservoir scale simulations of hydrocarbon movements (Reservoir Modeling) have traditionally been separated by the scale of the models and processes, as well as by the methods used to simulate fluid movements within the modeled systems. Recent developments have seen a significant closure of the gap between the two types of modeling, both in scaling and in the methods applied, resulting in much improved accuracy and an expanded field of applications.

The most important developments have been in petroleum systems modeling and during the last two years they have seen technological refinements in several key areas. The dimensionality of commercially available packages has increased from 2D to 3D, resolution limitations have been overcome by the development of methods such as hybrid simulators which now enable reservoir scale detail to be retained in regional scale models, and the flow simulators have been enhanced by the addition of reservoir related techniques for component and phase handling which cover the entire migration process. And direct links between reservoir and basin simulators are now even possible which enable reservoir methods to be applied repeatedly during the dynamic modeling of a basins history.

The benefits are significantly improved predictive capabilities of basin scale simulators. Current developments such as the incorporation of local grid refinement techniques will help to close the gap even more, further enhancing the value of petroleum systems modeling as a crucial part of the E&P risking process.

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