--> ABSTRACT: Jennings Field: 100 Years of Exploration in Louisiana, by Jeff Spencer and Byron Miller; #90906(2001)

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Jeff Spencer1, Byron Miller2

(1) Osprey Petroleum, Houston, TX
(2) Basin Research Energy Section - Louisiana Geological Survey, Baton Rouge, LA

ABSTRACT: Jennings Field: 100 Years of Exploration in Louisiana

The Jennings Field of Acadia Parish, Louisiana will celebrate its 100th anniversary of discovery on September 21, 2001. The Governor of Louisiana has established the Louisiana Oil Centennial Commission to commemorate the event.

Jennings is the first significant field discovered in Louisiana and one of the earliest in the Gulf Coast, having been discovered just 9 months after the Spindletop discovery in Texas. The field has produced over 118 MMBO and 51 BCFG from Miocene through Oligocene Anahuac and Frio age sands associated with the supercap and flanks of a shallow salt dome. The field is still producing today, with 1999 annual production of 141 MBO and 224 MMCFG.

Well control demonstrates a slightly elliptical northwest-southeast orientation to the salt with the steepest salt face on the northwest flank. The salt exhibits an overhang on the east flank with associated hydrocarbon production. A shallow Miocene mineralized sand section is also associated with this eastern flank. The dome has not been adequately evaluated seismically. Limited seismic control includes a 1996 3D seismic survey over the southern half of the dome and a few older 2D seismic lines.

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