--> ABSTRACT: Integrated Exploration in the Chiang Mai Basin, Thailand, by Dr. Col. Nopparat Settakul and Brian Henry; #90906(2001)

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Dr. Col. Nopparat Settakul1, Brian Henry2

(1) Department of Energy and Defence, Fang, Thailand
(2) Torca Geophysical Consultants, Calgary, AB

ABSTRACT: Integrated Exploration in the Chiang Mai Basin, Thailand

The Department of Energy and Defence of Thailand had shot a program in the southern half of the Chiang Mai Basin and were planning to shoot a second program in the northern half of the area. The ideal plan was to select a preferred area and shoot a 3D seismic program. The analog for the area was the Fang Basin 60 km to the north. Production in this basin is concentrated on a Tertiary high created by trans-basinal faults. There is a slight gravity high associated with the production. The purpose of the work was to find areas in the Chiang Mai Basin similar to the producing areas of the Fang Basin by gaining an understanding of the tectonics of the Chiang Mai Basin. Several datasets were interpreted. These included satellite imagery, a digital elevation model, surface geology, HRAM, gravity, seismic refraction and seismic reflection. The contribution of each method is discussed in the paper.

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