--> ABSTRACT: Geology and Development of Giant Oil Fields of West Siberian Basin, by Tat'yana N. Nemchenko, Vilen E. Gavura, Nikolay N. Nemchenko, and Alla S. Rovenskaya; #90906(2001)

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Tat'yana N. Nemchenko1, Vilen E. Gavura2, Nikolay N. Nemchenko3, Alla S. Rovenskaya4

(1) Russian State Oil and Gas University, Moscow, Russia
(2) Siberian Oil Company, Moscow, Russia
(3) Russian State Committee of Mineral Reserves, Moscow, Russia
(4) Institute VNIIGeosystem, Moscow, Russia

ABSTRACT: Geology and Development of Giant Oil Fields of West Siberian Basin

This presentation covers a range of topics including the history of discovery of the largest and most interesting (in terms of geology and development) fields of the West Siberian basin. The paper also describes geological structure of these region, development history of fields, methods of enhanced production, and current state of production of each field. The West-Siberian basin is the largest hydrocarbon province in Russia and has largest discovered hydrocarbon reserves and the production of oil and gas in Russia. Although it is the youngest of the currently producing petroleum provinces, it has become a leader in several categories in a relatively short time. Initial discovered reserves of the West Siberian Province constitute more then 60 % of the total initial reserves of Russia. Current oil reserves represent more then 70% of total current reserves. One characteristic feature of the West Siberian Province is a large number of giant fields. Presently, a number of discovered oil giant fields are currently under production, such as Samotlor, Mamontovo, Fedorovo, and Priob. Their rapid development was the determining factor in the creation of a major oil-producing industrial complex in West Siberia in record of time. Currently 44 out of 50 giant fields in West Siberia are on production. Many have reached the (mature) stage of declining production. Three decades have passed since development of the first field, and in that time much experience has been acquired. Specifically, experience, was acquired in the development of large and unique fields in different parts of the West Siberian Province, where the reservoir characteristics and types of petroleum accumulations were significantly different.

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