--> ABSTRACT: Controls on Repeated Switches in Turbidite System Geometry, by William D. McCaffrey and Sanjeev Gupta; #90906(2001)

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William D. McCaffrey1, Sanjeev Gupta2

(1) Leeds University, Leeds, United Kingdom
(2) Imperial College, London, England

ABSTRACT: Controls on repeated switches in turbidite system geometry

We have examined a turbidite system from a distal setting in the Alpine foreland basin of south-eastern France, in which a repeated switch in geometry is observed between incisional channels and sheet-sands. We propose a model that links incision to the development of disequilibrium axial gradients through tectonic tilting, and the return to sheet-form deposition to the re-establishment of equilibrium gradients. The development of repeated cycles of incisional channelisation and the return to sheet sand development can be explained through the interplay between the rates of sediment input and seafloor tilting without necessitating changes in base level.

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